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The Refashioners 2015: and the winner is…..

I seriously cannot overstate just HOW difficult it has been to arrive at this decision! There has been so much creativity and ingenuity that I wish I had a multitude of prize packages to give away! There is a caveat to this. Which you’ll come to further down. But for now…without further ado…meet this years winner of The Refashioners 2015 “Get Shirty” Community Challenge….

Mirjam Liechti

When I first saw these trousers my jaw literally dropped. When you have lots of fabric to work with there’s a degree of flexibility in what you can do. Margin for error too. But to eek a pair of trousers out of a shirt; with all the fitting nuances we all know are involved? Well that requires gutsy vision, precision and a whole different kind of creativity…THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (6)

The way in which Mirjam has retained the original essence of this shirt and her use of practically every last piece in details like the ankle cuffs (the original shirt cuffs) and the matching braces and button tabs is super clever. But it’s subtle too. What’s more, I get the sense that this really is a reflection of her style and personal aesthetic; which surely is one of the best kinds of motivation for refashioning and sewing our own clothes!

This was Mirjam’s first make for The Refashioners. Again, clever but subtle reuse of the cuffs at the waistband. And here’s the kicker…Mirjam is a beginner sewer! Having taken up sewing little more than a year ago Mirjam says she has discovered her passion. So much so that she has given up a career as a qualified teacher (!) to work part time in sales so she can attend the Swiss College of Textiles where she started a month ago and will be training for the next two years. All of which ramps up just how impressive this is and for me, is indicative of someone who has a natural talent for creative sewing that should surely be encouraged. She has pretty much promised me that she is going to start a blog in the not too distant future (I for one shall be following that with interest! One to watch I’d say. You know when you get the sense you could be witnessing the start of something awesome?  That’s what my gut tells me about this lady!) But in the meantime…you can keep up with Mirjam here 🙂the refashioners 2015 - your makes

And now for that caveat!

Lisa Poblenz

Lisa blogs over at Pattern & Branch and for a long time I literally could not decide between these two. This make by Lisa is SERIOUSLY awesome, involved a lot of work on her part and is deserving of some recognition. You should go check out the process. Seriously!

I promoted this community challenge as having one prize package and one winner. And I felt I should honour that. But had I had two prize packages to award, this would have been it. So with Mirjam’s permission I peeled off a little something from that immense prize package for Lisa; and she will be receiving the trio of Megan Nielsen patterns. Seriously. Awesome. Skills.The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (3)


So that’s that. All of these awesome prizes (bar the caveat above) will be winging their way to Mirjam very shortly…..

The Refashioners 2015 Awesome Prize Package


And that rounds up this years series of The Refashioners. It’s been so amazing. The blogger challenge was phenomenal and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, in comes the community challenge and blows us all away again! The community challenge will now become a permanent element of The Refashioners series, and yes, I’m already putting together the bones of next year’s series! ( we’re gonna need more prize packages). I think it’s fair to say that men’s wardrobes/closets are a little less safe today than they were a few weeks ago…sorry chaps! (Not!) Please please please keep refashioning and looking at the fabric that you have at your fingertips before consigning it to landfill or abandonment 😉 Until next year people, this is The Refashioners 2015….signing off.

refashion_6copy 900



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The Refashioners 2015 is now closed…

So that’s that! 2 months of shirt refashioning inspiration and posts and community challenge entries and general creative awesomeness….done!  Will be announcing the winner on Friday so stay tuned for that (it’s gonna be seriously hard to choose!).

In the meantime…enjoy some more shirt refashioning creativity form our amazing sewing community…

Morna, I have no words!853402b5cd9f066556dbf2a065cc13a8

This is the first of Amelia’s entries. A colour blocked DELIGHT based on a Dear Creatures piece. She also squeezed in a second refashion just before the deadline!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (2)

Love this combination of a thrifted and dyed shirt and fabric stash scrap by Amy.The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (2)

This lady is prolific with her shirt refashions for herself and her sister….and now her Mum too!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (1)

I love the way Najah writes! You should really check out her post about what she calls the “gender reassignment” of this little number. Love it!22

Adorable little refash from @swissknitwitch on IG. Even has a matching reversible little jacket! Gah, look at those little ballet toes! 🙂The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (11)

Phenomenal work from Lisa!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (3)

Really like the simplicity of this make by Angelina. Based on Deer & Doe’s Datura pattern. And of course…it’s grey…which I love, lol!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (3)

I’ve been wanting to share this one since it first got pinned! Adorable matching Pendleton shirt refashions!!!!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (13)

Another Datura based refash from CamillaThe Refashioners 2015 - your makes (1)

Adorable refashion of a vintage shirt right?!005

The ever cool Gabby Young with this shirt refashion based on Lileth & Eve’s new  LE101 Drapey Blouse pattern…think I may be sold on this pattern Gabby!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (10)


And this picture just sums up for me how much our sewing community has embraced this challenge and how much fun it’s been! I wanna party with these ladies!e65014128bf4ca6e13077793ae7c2101

I’m so sorry we couldn’t feature everyone’s makes here, but there were just so many. THAT’S how awesome it’s been. Words cannot express how excited I am that you’ve all got so involved and how clever and creative you all are!

For now…I’m off to TRY and pick a winner…which is gonna take some doing…

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The Refashioners “Get Shirty” Closes tonight!

Aaargh! We have a matter of hours (midnight GMT tonight) before The Refashioners 2015 closes for entries to the community challenge and that awesome prize package; and I am SERIOUSLY struggling to keep up with you guys as awesome shirt refashions are coming in thick and fast today from all corners of the globe! How AWESOME!!

Crazy clever wrap configuration from Aneta!002

Way to feminise a shirt Juliette!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (16)

Love this refashion based on Megan Nielsen’s Darling ranges (blouse version)…(Jenny…I want!!)001

Great reworking of the collar here!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (12)

Angela making ingenious use of sleeves and plackets for a baby/toddler set!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (9)

Thumblenina has been at it again! This time, not only  a dress but also another playsuit for her Sis!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (17)

Love Deepti’s batik shirt refash. Simple but it so works!003

Squeezing 2 gorgeous separates from one shirt??? That takes some skill Edina!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (5)

Love Carissa’s addition of lace to this make 🙂The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (4)

Natalie made this gorgeous vintage style halter. Epic right?The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (6)

Sue’s quilted (reversible!) jacket from shirts is an epic undertaking!! Wow!The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (7)

Great little apron and I’m also seeing a cropped halter tie top variation in there!!

The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (8)

Marianna keeps it simple and classy with this princess seamed creation where the sleeve/shoulder detail is the subtle star of the show…

The Refashioners 2015 - your makes (15)

There are still MORE amazing refashions to share….but you only have a few hours left to submit yours!! Hurry hurry hurry!!

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Get Shirty: Shades of Autumn (and a bit of summer!)

The deadline is looming people! You have until midnight GMT on the 27th of September to submit your shirt refashions for a chance to win that AMAZING prize package. (Yep that’s 4 days left!) In the meantime….if you’re after some last minute inspiration….

This refashion by CSews went through several evolutions before she wound up with this final incarnation using several elements from the Stylish Remakes book. If you hop over to her blog she’s reviewed and is running a giveaway for a copy of the book too! You’re welcome 😉THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (7)

Kate has sure embraced The Refashioners. This is her 3rd shirt refashion for the series!12

From a rain soaked pavement to a sun drenched beach! Love Sarah’s shirt turned romper!THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (3)

The inimitable CarmentcitaB! Winner of the French version of GBSB I have recently discovered! You can see why when you look at this matching dress and bralet combo made from 2 Liberty print shirts she cannily found on sale at Costco!THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (4)

Love these recycled (shirt) bags by  @janavalach….available to purchase too!THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (4)THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (2)

Gemma landed this awesome plaid shirt and had some fun styling up her refashion by the looks of it! Gemma you like a fun lady to be around 😉


Katie made great use of the Aster pattern for this make. Love the shade of this linen shirt and really MUST check that pattern out…it really does look like a perfect template for shirt refashions!THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (3)

I was blown away by the ingenuity of these trousers and braces!! How clever right? Great plaid again too!THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (6)

So impressed by this little combo too…THE REFASHIONERS 2015 - YOUR MAKES (1)


I am running to keep up with you guys and am seriously chuffed with how much everyone has got on board and embraced this year’s challenge! There’ll likely be another round up of your makes before The Refashioners is done as there are still so many to share. In the meantime, keep getting shirty! 4 days left to get your entries in!

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