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The Big Vintage Sewalong: Vogue 9082 + Pattern Giveaway

The Big Vintage Sewalong

When I was contacted and asked if I would like to participate in The Big Vintage Sewalong…I of course said yes. It’s in aid of a fantastic charity AND since I preach alot with The Refashioners about “pushing yourself out of your comfort zone” being a good thing, I figured I should really put my sewing machine where my mouth is. Regular readers will know, vintage….and feminine…is clearly out of my comfort zone!  So the pattern I selected may come as a surprise. Don’t get me wrong here…had there been the option of a 70’s or 80’s pattern that involved trousers that would have been much more up my strata. But the selection of patterns that form part of the fundraising element of the event, are resolutely feminine and all pre 70’s. So I was left with the challenge of interpreting a very feminine silhouette…in a way that wouldn’t betray my own style aesthetic and what I feel comfortable in…

The Big Vintage Sewalong

I think the key with ANY sewing pattern is to look past the styling on the pattern  envelope and start looking at the fundamental form and proportions of the pieces. What is the essence of this silhouette? For me it is the cropped proportions of the top, how it hits at the narrowest part of the waist and is complemented by a bottom half that is high waisted and fitted around the waist and hips. This is a style that reoccurs throughout fashion decades. Not least today, where cropped tops and high waists are re-emerging as a fashion favourite…The Big Vintage Sewalong

Image 1, 2, 3 and 4

It’s a silhouette that I have been tentatively interested in exploring. I say tentatively because as a a 40 something mother of one…my waistline in no way resembles the waistlines above, lol! No matter. There are ways around that. That’s the beauty of sewing our own right? Adapting to suit us!

Another timeless “trend” that I have been obsessing about recently is denim! More specifically….gasp…..double denim!! (NEVER thought I would say that!) Denim is not new of course but it  is very prominent right now. And I am obsessed! As soon as I saw vogue 9082 I knew that denim would lend an air of modernity to the vintage silhouette…PicMonkey Collage

image 1, 2, 3, and 4

So that’s what I went for!

I knew the pencil skirt was not me (If it is your thing there is nothing stopping you from making up the dress in denim and/or adapting it to a highwaisted skirt too!). So, I opted to take the top from the pattern and make that up in denim. As I said, I graded between sizes cutting smaller at the shoulders and larger at the waist. I also lengthened  it to hit in the most flattering place for me. Then retaining the essence of “high waisted and fitted in the waist and hips” I hacked a simple wide leg trouser pattern and turned them into denim culottes…The Big Vintage Sewalong

I used a 9oz denim from Remnant Kings (see sidebar to right for exclusive discount code) for both pieces. For the culottes adding jean details like a fly front, rivets, pockets and contrast topstitching in a retro orange. Then tying in those design elements with the top by adding the same contrast stitching to that too. Essentially the same silhouette from the hips up…the same concept of having a matching set…but the variation knocks it up a decade with a 70’s vibe that is much more my style…The Big Vintage Sewalong

For me, a vintage sewing pattern is like any other. It’s about interpreting the basic shapes to suit you. That’s the point of sewing for me. But I am very pleased to have been pushed out of my comfort zone with this.  As I said, this is a silhouette that I’ve tentatively been interested in exploring, but I probably wouldn’t have gone this far with it had I not been faced with this pattern. And now?  Now I’m thinking this may become my staple silhouette for the summer. It’s much more “exposing” of my figure than the coverall long tops and skinny jeans that I traditionally favour. But I feel surprisingly comfortable, and dare I say, a little more feminine in this. You’ll definitely be seeing more of this silhouette from me in the coming weeks. So thank you McCalls for asking me to take part and pushing me out of my comfort zone! I love the result!

Vintage patterns are interesting in terms of proportions.  Just as body shape changes over decades, so does a pattern draft. The waist on this in proportion to the shoulders was tiny. Late 50’s early 60’s pattern? Huge boobs tiny waist. I don’t have the tiny waist. So I had to grade to the larger size at the waist. But I do have some boobage in tow….and the interesting thing to me about this pattern was the dart intake was perfect and there was no need for an FBA! On a modern pattern there’s no way I would have gotten away with that on a semi fitted top like this! Food for though right?? MAYBE I have a 1950’s bust!

The other great thing about Vintage patterns is that no matter what the trend, they’ve been there, seen it, done it. Some styles are timeless and as we know, trends are cyclical. Just check out these. Vintage patterns…Modern trends…

Culottes comparison

image 1, 2, and 3


Image 1. 2, and 3

Jumpsuit comp

Image 1, 2, and 3


Image 1, 2, and 3

So…Vintage patterns…not to be ruled out obvs! Especially if your bod is more 1950’s than modern day.  Silhouettes and basic styles can be brought bang up to date with the use of unexpected fabrics like denim in this case….but oh….can’t you see that ensemble made up in some rad scuba or interesting digital print??

The Big Vintage Sewalong

You can purchase this pattern along with a selection of other vintage lovelies as part of this campaign and all proceeds will go to The Eve Appeal.

If you would like to be entered into a draw to win a copy of this Vogue 9082 pattern then you can do that too! To enter hop over the The Eve Appeal website and do something to help them raise awareness or funds for combatting women’s cancers. Whether that is sharing their message on your social media, making a small donation or signing up to their newsletter, or just reading their guides and getting yourself clued up on the signs for yourself. Do something, then hop back here and leave a comment and you’ll be entered into the draw. Giveaway is open internationally and closes Midnight GMT on Friday 1st April.   **GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED**

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