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Vote for me (if you want to of course!)


So I’m not sure if all you remember this coat from last year? I guess it depends how long you have been following my escapades!

It’s the coat I made from old jeans and thrifted lining and actually am super proud of and has had LOTS of wear this winter. A denim duvet to wrap yourself in in the depths of winter? Yes please!

Weeeeelllll….this here coat has been shortlisted as a finalist in the refashioning  and readers choice categories for Dressmaker of the Year! Yowzers! More (very detailed) info on the process and what was involved in making this coat (erm….alot was involved!) can be found in the original post here. If you like what you see and think it’s worth your vote then you can vote for me here until 25th April! The awards are run by Make it Today: Dressmaker Magazine and you will be entered into a prize draw simply for voting not to mention the fact that it would be totally awesome for a refashioned garment to win an award like this! And check out the other awesome makes nominated too. Feel very proud to be in such company 🙂


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