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Frixon Felt Tips (aka genius fabric markers)

Have you heard of Frixon pens? I first heard of them a while back from Karen’s post and promptly bought me some. Essentially they are erasable pens that will mark fabric….then when you apply heat with an iron, the marks disappear! Like magic! (You’ll see from Karen’s post that they also reappear if you put the fabric in a freezer. But since none of my clothes get worn in sub zero temps….no biggie).

The original handwriting pens I bought, while useful, only really made marks on a limited number of fabrics. Really handy for precise work on a calico/muslin toile. But wouldn’t make marks on alot of my dressmaking fabrics.

When I noticed that Frixon had expanded their range to include these erasable felt tips, I thought I’d buy some and give ’em a go….Frixon pens as fabric markers
I’ve shown the marks here on calico, but these do actually mark a whole range of fabrics much better than the handwriting pens. The nibs on those are sharp and not particularly ink laden, and can drag fabric. The nibs on these, being felt tips, are softer and wetter and more readily mark fabric…Frixon pens as fabric markers

And after applying heat with an iron…Frixon pens as fabric markers

As you can see…gone….for the most part. The pink left a slight trace of itself behind. So I’d always swatch test first just to check no marks are visible after the application of heat.

Overall, really impressed with these so thought I’d share 🙂

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