Want to reach thousands of sewing, crafting and DIY enthusiasts for just £10 a month?

Here at makery.uk the focus is on just that. Sewing, crafting and DIY. The emphasis here is on inspiring and encouraging everyone we can to get making through step by step tutorials, inspiration and tips and techniques. Creativity feeds the soul and we aim to provide the recipes! There is a strong focus on sewing but we all know that once you start being creative, you can’t stop there!  Creativity spreads! So there are all manner of crafts to be found here too. In addition to sewing. From jewellery making to crochet to clay to upcycling to art to DIY…and more.

I am the creator of the global “The Refashioners” challenge, now in it’s fifth series, and a regular contributor to Simply Sewing magazine, Craftgawker and a variety of sewing and craft websites. (see press page for examples)


What you get:

On average, your ad will potentially reach around 30,000 individuals per month at least twice, via the blog. As well as coverage in Social Media and print if I use your products.

Makery has an enthusiastic and engaged following . Readers are into dressmaking, refashioning, crafts and all manner of DIY and makery. Readership is global (predominantly US, UK and Europe). They return often and they hang out for a while when they do!

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Full Size Ad – 300px  by 300px – £10 per month.  Posted for a full calendar month on the first of each month. Allocated on a first come first serve basis, ads are then rotated periodically to improve visibility and exposure.


Around 80,000 to 90,000 pageviews per month (peak this year so far has been 99, 911)

Around 30,000 unique visitors per month (peak this year so far has been 31,055)

6.2k + followers on bloglovin

5.2k + followers on Instagram

3.1k + followers on Pinterest

1.1k+ followers on Facebook

Ranked 81 in Bloglovin’s Top 100 DIY and Craft Blogs



Other benefits and ways to get involved

Magazine Coverage: I contribute every month to Simply Sewing magazine and periodically for other publications and campaigns too. My sponsors will often kindly provide supplies for this and naturally they get a shout out in print from me as a big fat thank you!  And hopefully a great way of showcasing their products to what is often a different audience than the online sewing community.

Product reviews: I am happy to review products and services that are a good fit with the general content of this blog. In other words, something my readers would be interested in.

Giveaways: I welcome the opportunity to  host  product giveaways as long as it’s relevant  to the content of this blog and something that my readership can get excited about

Social Media: If I use your products, my readers and followers will hear about it! Either through the blog, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I am an avid user of Instagram in particular.

Any of that sound a good fit for you and your business??

Then yay! Drop me an email to portia@makery.co.uk

Look forward to working with you!!