The Refashioners 2015: and the winner is…..

I seriously cannot overstate just HOW difficult it has been to arrive at this decision! There has been so much creativity and ingenuity that I wish I had a multitude of prize packages to give away! There is a caveat to this. Which you’ll come to further down. But for now…without further ado…meet this years winner

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The Refashioners 2015 is now closed…

So that’s that! 2 months of shirt refashioning inspiration and posts and community challenge entries and general creative awesomeness….done!  Will be announcing the winner on Friday so stay tuned for that (it’s gonna be seriously hard to choose!). In the meantime…enjoy some more shirt refashioning creativity form our amazing sewing community… Morna, I have no

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The Refashioners 2015 – Round Up & over to YOU!!!

Doesn’t seem like that long ago I was hitting “publish” on the first post in this series; and now here we are! At the end of the blogger element of The Refashioners 2015. August has been crazy behind the scenes here and to be honest I’m feeling a bit pooped. But in a very very

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