The Refashioners 2017 – Wendy

Oh my oh my! I like a pocket  it’s fair to say.  I also like ALL the greys. So Wendy’s take on this challenge has me getting all unnecessary and plotting a blatant rip off of this idea!The Refashioners 2017 - Wendy


With four pockets and  blocking both in texture and “colour” (shades of grey)…I am seriously in love with this coat…The Refashioners 2017 - Wendy


This is one of those makes that retains the integrity of the original garment(s) in a subtly quirky way. A kind of understated uniqueness..The Refashioners 2017 - WendyThe Refashioners 2017 - Wendy

But as you’ve probably realised by now, the understated subtlety of this coat is contrasted by the amount of work that has gone into it. And as always from Wendy, you can expect the insides of this to be as beautiful as the outside 😉

For more pics, an interesting read, a giveaway (yesss!) and lots of detail  hop over to Wendy’s blog ! 

Two more days of the blogger element to go and then it’s over to you guys!! Eeep! So excited to see what you come up with. Been seeing some tantalising sneak peaks from you on social media already as well as the first completed entries coming through!

So….are you in??

If you fancy getting your refashion on, but are in two minds about whether to enter this year’s community challenge;

The Refashioners 2016 - Huge Prize Package

….If you haven’t familiarised yourself with what the actual challenge is yet, essentially we want you to refashion an old, unworn or unloved suit! Simple as that! What counts as a suit you say? Definition here!

The Refashioners 2017 - Prize Package

Man’s suit. Ladies suit. Doesn’t matter.  Interpret how you see fit. If you’re breathing new life into a suit that would otherwise go unworn or be thrown away, THAT’S what counts.

BUT, if you want to be in with a chance of winning one of these amazing prize packages you’ll need to SHARE that refashion with us in one of the following ways:

  • On Instagram: Share a pic using the hashtags #therefashioners2017  and #suitsyou
  • On Facebook: There is a community board here where you can post your makes (You will need to request an invite to join)

Only entries shared via the above 2 methods will be entered into the competition. Closing date for entries is 31st October 2017 Midnight GMT.

Good luck!!! Get refashioning.

Oh and by the way…The Refashioners is going on the road this November!! If you fancy attending our very first “in person” workshop in London on 4th November….full deets here!!


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  1. Chrissie Dyson September 27, 2017

    I love this jacket! Brilliant work and an approach with loads of potential!

    • Wendy Ward September 27, 2017

      Thanks Chrissie! It will be getting plenty of wear.

  2. Wendy Ward September 27, 2017

    Portia you should TOTALLY make one of these. I may have also had you in mind when I was creating it – can see you in it. I’m quite taken with Heather Lou’s idea, I fancy one of those vests with the sleeves as gigantic pockets…….blimey what is it with pockets and me?!

    • Portia Lawrie October 3, 2017

      Pockets rock.


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