The Refashioners 2017: Blogger line up revealed…!!!

Announcing The Refashioners 2017!!!

So this is it! The countdown has begun once again people!!! For the entire MONTH of September (launches Fri 1st Sept) this blog will again play host to an awesome line up of makers ready to take on The Refashioners challenge!! What’s more, you can take part too and be in with a chance of winning a FANTASTIC prize. Your part of this challenge runs from the start of September right through until the end of October! More deets on that and how to enter in a future post coming soon. So stay tuned for that!)

For those of you unfamiliar with the challenge, (this is the 5th series) participants are challenged to refashion a garment for your delight and inspiration,  basically to highlight how cool, creative and ecologically and ethically sound refashioning old garments actually is. The kicker is, they don’t get to decide what that garment is. (insert evil laugh here) This year we’re tackling old suits. Yep, The Refashioners is all about all those unloved and out of style suits (think 80’s double breasted and you’re there)  languishing in wardrobes and charity shops everywhere, and showcasing some inspirational ways to reuse, rework, and reimagine the classic 2 piece suit. You can take a little peak at what we hope to achieve this year over on our dedicated pinterest board.

So without further ado and with mucho excitement, I am chuffed to pieces to  announce this years STELLAR line up!!!!


Beth Wood: Knitter. Dressmaker. Pattern designer. Art Director & Graphic Designer.  Blogger. I was fortunate to have the opportunity of hanging out with Beth when she was over in the UK last summer. A nicer lady you could not meet. You can find Beth on Instagram or via her site

Liz Bryson: Prolific and long time refashioner, stitcher and blogger. Liz’s blog is one of the very first I discovered back in the day and her refashions are always inspiring and always stylish. I think she must’ve finally forgiven me for the pair of leather trousers I made her refashion for our 2013 series (!) and she’s back again this year! Whoop! You can find Liz on Instagram and via her site

Joost de Cock: If you followed last year’s series then you were likely as blown away by Joost’s contribution as the rest of us. This guy is a bona fide genius. Stitcher. Shoemaker. Designer & coding genius behind (soon to be Fierce admiration for this guy. You can find Joost on Instagram or via his site.


Gabby Young: Stitcher. Knitter. Vlogger and Singer. My goodness what a voice too. (Seriously). On top of that the most infectiously upbeat and uplifting person you are likely to meet. Fact. You can find Gabby on Instagram or via her channel or music site

Elena Rosa Brown: Stalked this lady quietly for a while on IG, exchanging likes and the odd comment on each other’s posts. I love Elena’s pared back, laid back style and mindful approach to making. You can find Elena on Instagram or via her blog.

Sasha Werner: Knitter. Dressmaker. Pattern designer. Weaver. Photographer. Blogger. Basically, endlessly creative and talented. And did I mention stylish?? Like….ridiculously stylish.  Like….even in pyjamas. You can find Sasha on Instagram or via her site.


Heather Lou: Prolific designer, maker, educator and founder of Closet Case Patterns. Probably single handedly responsible for making us all realise we CAN actually sew our own jeans. Dog Lover. Currently washing her dishes in her bathtub while she renovates her kitchen. And learns French. And runs her business.   You can find Heather Lou on Instagram or via her site

Emily Tan: Dressmaker. Pattern hacker. Blogger. Dentist. (yep, dentist). Pink hair dabbler and winner of Simplicity’s Sewing Challenge Best Blogger 2016  You can find Emily on Instagram or via her site.

Laura Huhta: One half of the Uber stylish Finnish clothing and pattern line, along with her sister Saara. Named clothing have been  long time supporters of The Refashioners behind the scenes.  This year Laura (on the right)  is taking up the challenge herself! So excited! You can find Laura (& Saara) on Instagram or via their site


Claire Louise Hardie: Costume designer, teacher, sewing producer on The Great British Sewing Bee and author of The Great British Sewing Bee: Fashion with Fabric. And as well as running her busy North London studio, currently undertaking her Masters Degree at The London College of Fashion. Phew!   You can find Claire-Louise on Instagram or via her site

Allie Olsen: Pattern designer and founder of indie pattern marketplace Indiesew. (Love the concept and community element behind Indiesew) Dog lover. Edible gardener. DIY enthusiast.  You can find Allie on Instagram or via her site

Rachel Pinheiro: What can I say about this lady. Tall. Brazillian. Gorgeous. Prolific (and highly skilled)  sewer. Bundle of joyful enthusiasm and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  You can find Rachel on Instagram or via her blog


Jasika Nicole: Actor, artist, maker. Peanut butter obsessive (oh I hear ya!) Honestly, stitching aside (also awesome), you HAVE to check out this artwork. LOVE.  You can find Jasika on Instagram or via her blog.

Rachel Walker: One half of sewing community hub The Fold Line.  Along with partner in crime Kate, they bring you news and views on all things sewing from all across the online sewing community. If it’s happening, they know about it. You can find Rachel (and Kate) on instagram or via their site.

Selmin Ermis-Krohs: Runner up in last year’s community challenge. I’m still a little (a lot) in love with that denim sweatshirt!  You can find Selmin on Instagram or via her blog


Wendy Ward: Prolific author, teacher and pattern designer. Dog lover. Trumpet player. I often call Wendy “the angel on my shoulder” when it comes to doing things properly! You can find Wendy on Instagram or via her website

Estelle Alty:   Who can forget last year’s winner Estelle?! Yep, that’s the dress there that won it. Blown. Away. Can’t wait to see her flex that awesome creativity on this year’s challenge! You can find Estelle on Instagram or over on her blog

Andre Myles: Hairdresser, tap dancing teacher and self taught stitcher. He may have only started sewing in 2014, but here’s a natural talent if ever I saw one! You can find Andrew on Instagram or via his blog


Elisalex de Castro Peake: Designer and Co-founder of the By Hand London pattern line and all round gorgeous and talented individual. You can find Elisalex: via you tube, Instagram or via

Ute Strampfer: Lover of all things linen. Knitter. Stitcher. All round creative. Berlin dweller. Daily walk enthusiast. Soon to be Etsy seller I hear? Keep an eye on Ute on Instagram and Kollabora.

Me:   Hiya! This is me! Stitcher. Blogger. Coffee drinker. Creator of this here little series. You can find me on Instagram or here on my blog.

So what say you? September & October are gonna be pretty awesome right??!!! Get rummaging through your wardrobes and local charity shops.  Have your old suits at the ready. This is gonna  be SERIOUSLY good!

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  1. Helen August 4, 2017

    Exciting! I never quite seem to manage joining in, but I LOVE following along! Looking forward to the next couple of months! Well done!

  2. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas August 4, 2017

    What an incredible line-up of inspirationalists! Yep..made that word up just for The Refashioners 2017. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  3. Heather-Gaia August 4, 2017

    I shall be doing a challenge myself as I have a check suit that will be great.

  4. Jane Madge August 5, 2017

    I didn’t quite finish anything last year but am determined to do so this time. I’ve got lots of ideas, been busy looking and buying from charity shops and am hoping to make time to do this for me. Can’t wait to see what others can do with their jackets and suits x

  5. Michele August 7, 2017

    Really looking forward to following – thank you for all the inspiration – I am in awe

  6. Ann Watts August 10, 2017

    Hi – we chatted at the recent Sewing Weekender about blog stats etc
    Thought you might be interested in the following comment on grainline post on Bloglovin
    I just noticed yesterday that people have started leaving comments on our posts over on Bloglovin’ via their “add comment” button. Just a heads up that when you reply there, or enter a giveaway by replying there, your comments don’t transfer over to this site and therefore we never see them. So if you have questions, want to enter a giveaway, or just want us to see your comment, make sure that you click on the post to come over to our site to comment. That’s all!

    Seems to back up the statement that viewing stats directly on Bloglovin may also not register on actual blog

  7. Ann Watts August 10, 2017

    Hi – we chatted at the recent Sewing Weekender about blog stats etc
    Thought you might be interested in the following comment on grainline post on Bloglovin
    tried to paste but wouldn’t accept!
    Basically letting readers on Bloglovin know that if they use the add comment button on Bloglovin it doesn’t appear on the actual blog therefore comment ( or competition entry) never seen

    Seems to back up the statement that viewing stats directly on Bloglovin may also not register on actual blog

  8. Gail Felker August 22, 2017

    Hi Portia – I don’t know if anyone else was having trouble but every time I try to cut and paste your button for the 2017 Refashioner’s Challenge all I get is the word, “the”. Could there be something wrong with your code?


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