Makers for Grenfell: Raffle Winners Announced…!!!

Makers for Grenfell - Raffle WinnersVery quick post from me this morning as we are busy here packing to move house. (Did I mention we’re on the move?)

But, before I get cracking on that, we have the small matter of announcing the winners of the 31 amazing prizes (!) on offer in the Makers for Grenfell raffle. Over 700 tickets (!) were sold raising over £3.5k with the total raised having now surpassed our target of £5k.  The JustGiving page will remain open for donations until the end of August as will the Instagram destash account. (So if you have stuff to sell in aid of Makers for Grenfell, hurry, hurry , hurry!)

But without further ado here are the winning tickets (yep we did a proper draw and everything!):Makers for Grenfell - Raffle Winners

If you see your name in there, head over to the prize post, pick one (or two if you’re one of the lucky ones that had 2 tickets pulled out!) then email me as quick as you can on to let me know which one you want!  Prizes will  be allocated (ie winners will get to choose) on a first come, first serve basis. If after 7 days, no contact has been received, then another ticket will be drawn until all prizes have been allocated.

Thank you to everyone that supported the raffle. From providing prizes, to spreading the word, to buying tickets. What a community we have 🙂

I’ll be winding the fundraising up at the end of this month. Until then, here are a few ways we could add to our total:


Most of us have a few things in our stash that we will never use. So I have set up an Instagram account where anyone can go & post photos of their unwanted sewing/knitting/ craft related or handmade items. You then simply state how much you would like the “buyer” to donate to “purchase” the item. They donate directly to the dedicated Just Giving Page and you sort out postage etc between you. If you want to get involved and sell your unwanted stash, then DM me over on Instagram, either to @portialawrie or @makersforgrenfell and I’ll give you the login deets! But be quick as I will be closing this account at the end of the month.


Of course if you have nothing to sell but are in the market to buy sewing goodies, then make sure to follow @makersforgrenfell to stay up to date with new items being loaded. But be quick as items sell very quickly. So would recommend turning on post notifications for @makersforgrenfell on IG so you get notified as soon as someone posts. The goodies have not been hanging around for long. When you view the site, it may look full….but that is because posts will eventually get deleted once the transaction is complete. So don’t be fooled if you only see a handful of items 😉


Organise a craft jumble, a stitch and bitch coffee morning, a fabric swap, a raffle of your own, an auction. There are all manner of fundraising possibilities that you can organise independently, either online or in your local area and donate the proceeds to Makers for Grenfell. If you want to let me know about an event then email me at  or tag me in social media and I’ll do my best to help you spread the word


A couple of businesses have already designated a “Makers for Grenfell Day” where a percentage of all sales on that day has been donated to Makers for Grenfell. It needn’t be all sales. Maybe sales of a particular type of product would be a better fit. And please don’t worry that it may be viewed as opportunistic self promotion. I know some businesses worry about this. At the end of the day it’s a good cause. That’s really all that matters. If you want to let me know about an “Makers for Grenfell Day” or something else you have planned. then email me at  or tag me in social media and I’ll do my best to help you spread the word.

Massive thanks and well done you lot! Will keep you posted as to where the final amount will be donated to.

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  1. Rosie Callaghan August 6, 2017

    Oh I won a prize 🙂

    I can’t believe it! Such a fabulous fund raising effort in response to such an horrific tragedy, I was grateful to be able to participate.

    Thank you

  2. Sarah August 6, 2017

    I won a prize too, so didn’t expect too! Just entered and happy to help!

  3. Colleen August 7, 2017

    Thank you so much Portia for all your hard work in securing people’s support for fundraising for Grenfell. Inspiring.


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