I’ve been nominated!

british-craft-awards-500It seems I may have neglected to write an actual blog post about this and, tardy as ever (because voting closes as midnight tonight! Oooops!) here it is….I’ve been nominated for Best Sewing Blog in the 2017 British Craft awards! Cool huh?! In any case, if you feel like voting for me (and that would be lovely!) Then you can do so here. Just click on the Sewing category. (You’ll be entered into a draw for to win a chunk of Amazon vouchers just for voting). But there are plenty of other awesome blogs to vote for so pick your favourite. I’ll still love ya whoever you vote for 😉

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  1. Jo January 12, 2017

    Would love to vote for you, but you seem to have given up blogging : ( miss you.

    • Portia Lawrie January 12, 2017

      Ah Jo! I take your point! Been struggling of get off the starting blocks this year. So sorry! Defo not given up on the blog. Promise!


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