The Refashioners 2016: The Blogger Line Up Revealed….!!!

Refashioners 2016 - Line Up

So this is it! The countdown has begun once again people!!! For the entire MONTH of August (launches Mon 1st August) this blog will again play host to an awesome line up of makers ready to take on The Refashioners challenge!! What’s more, you can take part too and be in with a chance of winning a FANTASTIC prize. Your part of this challenge runs from the start of August right through until the end of September! More deets on that and how to enter in a future post coming soon. So stay tuned for that!)

For those of you unfamiliar with the challenge, (this is the 4th series) participants are challenged to refashion a garment for your delight and inspiration,  basically to highlight how cool, creative and ecologically and ethically sound refashioning old garments actually is. The kicker is, they don’t get to decide what that garment is. (insert evil laugh here) This year we’re tackling jeans. Yep, The Refashioners is all about all those unloved and ill fitting pairs of jeans languishing in wardrobes and drawers everywhere, and showcasing some #jeanius (see what I did there?)  ways to reuse, rework, and reimagine this classic garment; so beloved of cowboys and fashionistas alike!

So without further ado….I am unbelievably excited (like I could pass out with excitement excited) to announce this years STELLAR line up!!!!

Refashioner 2016 - Line Up

Rosie Martin: Sewer, author, drummer and all round dudette. Rosie’s second book is due for release this summer. You can find Rosie on IG here or via

Marie Koupparis: Marie is an utter delight. Her style is decidedly vintage but increasingly with an edgier “rock chick” twist. Co-founder of The Vintage Pattern Pledge you can find Marie on IG  here or at

Zoe Edwards: Founder of the global Me Made challenges, roving sewing tutor, blogger and burgeoning pattern designer. Zoe is an established advocate of refashioning and zero waste fashion. You can find Zoe on IG here or via

Refashioner 2016 - Line Up

Marcy Harriell: AKA Oonaballoona! Actress, sewer, blogger and general force of nature. Look she made jeans already!! Deconstructing them next then 😉 It’s OK Marcy you can pinch a pair of Ruggy’s right? You can find Marcy on IG here or via

Megan Nielsen: I don’t think you need me to introduce Megan! Pattern designer extraordinaire and one of the first blogs I ever read, I am super stoked that Megan agreed to be on board this year! You can find Megan on IG here or via

Mirjam Liechti: Last year’s winner of The Refashioner’s community challenge. Mirjam ditched a career in teaching last year when she discovered a passion for sewing and is now studying at the Swiss College of Textiles. You can find Mirjam on IG here or via

Refashioners - Line Up

Elisalex De Castro Peake: Designer and Co-founder of the By Hand London pattern line and all round gorgeous and talented individual. In fact all the things that might make you slightly hate a gal….except you can’t because she’s.just so.darn.lovely!  😉 You can find Elisalex on IG here or via

Heather Lou: Blogger, designer and founder of Closet Case Files Patterns. Arguably already a jeans #jeanius this year’s challenge should be right up her strata! You can find Heather Lou on IG here or via

Ingrid Weimers: Blogger and fellow sewist. Ingrid has a really lovely style and an even lovelier way about her.  Such a cool Scandi style. Plus she’s made me want a Podenco! You can find Ingrid on IG here or via

Refashioner 2016 - Line Up

Sarai Mitnick & The Colette Team: The founder of Colette Patterns and editor of Seamwork Magazine. Sooo excited to have not only Sarai, but 3 other members of the Colette team (welcome to Anna, Delaney & Meg!!) taking part as a group this year too! You can find Sarai on IG here or via

Sasha Werner: Talented seamstress, photographer, knitter and budding pattern designer. Stylish. Italian. Just. Awesome. Sasha sometimes describes her style as “Radical Nun”. Nun’s never looked that stylish in my day, lol! You can find Sasha on IG here or via

Beth Wood: Sewer, blogger and emerging pattern designer. I love Beth’s easy style and can’t wait to see what she makes of this year’s challenge. You can find Beth on IG here or via

Refashioner 2016 - Line Up

Erin Hagstrom: Fashion and style blogger, Erin was relatively new to sewing when she joined last year’s challenge, but she made quite a splash! You can find Erin on IG here or via

Marilla Walker: Pattern designer and all round “polycreative”. I made that word up but I think it aptly describes Marilla! Her Maya top remains one of my favourite sewing patterns. So simple but so perfect. You can find Marilla on IG here or via

Joost De Cock:  Welcome the first ever “bloke” participant of The Refashioners! So excited! Joost has great style and totally mad skills. Founder of you can find Joost on IG here or via

Refashioner 2016 - Line Up

Rachel Pinheiro: So pleased to have the inimitable Rachel Pinheiro joining in this year’s challenge. In her own words “tall, Brazillian & opinionated”. This should be fun….and most definitely glamourous! You can find Rachel on IG here or via

Sally Ward Foxton:  Serial refashioner, pattern designer and lover of cocktails. I’m still reeling from Sally’s refashion of a giant trenchcoat in the 2013 series of The Refashioners! You can find Sally on IG here or via

Lisa Poblenz: Last year’s runner up for The Refashioner’s Community Challenge. I hadn’t planned on having a runner up prize. But Lisa’s project was so epic it just had to be recognised! You can find Lisa on IG here or via

Refashioner 2016 - Line Up

The Foldline: Founders of new online sewing community hub The Fold Line, Kate and Rachel are going to be taking part in this year’s challenge as a team! You can find The Fold Line on IG here or via

Jenna Bennett: Sewer, blogger and magazine contributor, Jenna lives in the same neck of the woods as me. So we occasionally hook up for coffee, thrifting, and mutual piss taking 😉 You can find Jenna on IG here or via

Wendy Ward:  Designer, Author, Teacher. Many strings to this lady’s bow! The sequel to Wendy’s best selling book The Beginners Guide to dressmaking is also out later this year. You can find Wendy on IG here or via

So what say you? August and September are gonna be pretty awesome right??!!! Get rummaging through your drawers and wardrobes and have your old jeans at the ready. This is gonna  be SERIOUSLY good!

If you want to help spread the word…(and I’d LOVE it if you did!) then use the following hashtags on social media:  #therefashioners2016 #jeanius

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  1. Clare June 1, 2016

    Congratulations – that’s an AWESOME lineup!

    • Portia Lawrie June 1, 2016

      Thank you Clare!!

  2. Birgit June 1, 2016

    I can’t wait!! And I’m happy it runs until the end of september, as I am on holiday for the most of august and cannot take my sewing machine with me (sad face). I am really looking forward to seeing all the creations!

    • Portia Lawrie June 1, 2016

      Hi Birgit! Ah brilliant! Yes this schedule seemed to work well last year too. What with the school holidays and everything, anyone that wants to take part can spend August being inspired and plotting their ideas; then have the whole of September to put it into action! Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

  3. Jo June 1, 2016

    Woah! Excellent lineup!! I’m going to start eyeing up jeans and ideas already, what fun!

    • Portia Lawrie June 1, 2016

      Yay! Go Jo!!! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  4. Alyssa June 1, 2016

    This is perfect! I’m so excited! I have a crate full of old jeans that I’ve been wanting to turn into something, and now I have the perfect excuse to do so! Looking forward to August (although I might have an entry or two done early. . .)! Thanks again for hosting!

  5. Kate June 3, 2016

    Holy moly, I am in! I love this challenge, it’s my favourite.

  6. Rae Cumbie June 4, 2016

    I will participate, I refashion things all the time. Such a talented group of young sewists. Hope next year you will also add some talented older sewers who blog and have been refashioning things for 40 or more years and still find it fun and satisfying.

    • Portia Lawrie June 4, 2016

      Hi Rae! Glad you’ll be taking part!! Look forward to seeing what you make too! On the matter of the age of the bloggers that take part, you may be surprised at the number of current and past participants in the 40+ age bracket. Myself included 🙂 There’s no ageism. The challenge is open to anyone if any age. In terms of the people I personally select for the blogger element, to be honest I haven’t personally come across any sewing bloggers in the 50+ 60+ bracket if that’s what you mean. Age really doesn’t enter the equation. If I come across someone 50 or 60+ that I think can deliver what I’m looking for I’d have them in the line up no question! Maybe this year’s community challenge will introduce me to someone like that 🙂

  7. Nikki June 30, 2016

    Oh so excited! Since I started a blog at the beginning of this year, I wanted to take part in the refashioners, but I really don’t like denim. Truth be told, I only have two traditional blue jeans in my closet the ones that fit really well and the junk ones for messy projects. Do they have to be traditional blue jeans?

    • Portia Lawrie July 1, 2016

      Nope, ANY colour jeans. And not forgetting bleaching and dyeing too!!

  8. Anna July 1, 2016

    Wow, sounds fab, might have a go!!😃

    • Portia Lawrie July 1, 2016

      Please do!! I’ll be announcing the full brief for the challenge shortly as well as a MASSIVE prize package. So keep a look out for that and get your jeans at the ready!! 😉

      • Nikki July 1, 2016

        Thank you for the clarification!

  9. Anna July 1, 2016

    Is there a minimum age required or can anyone enter?

  10. Amaia July 2, 2016

    What a great challenge and you got some incredible participants. I’ll be in the middle of a relocation from one country to another but if my sewing machine gets to my new place in time, I will participate in it for sure!

    • Portia Lawrie July 3, 2016

      Wow! Good luck with the move! How exciting!

  11. Gail Felker July 12, 2016

    I tried to grab your button but there’s something wrong with the code, I think. Is anyone else having trouble? It will only say the word, “The” on the button.

  12. Emily August 14, 2016

    We love this challenge, shall keep an eye out on the # for it

    • Portia Lawrie August 15, 2016

      Super glad you’re enjoying it Emily 🙂


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