DIY: Message Mugs

You can never have too many mugs. Especially when you drink as much coffee as we do in this house! Here’s a cute and simple way to personalise a plain mug as a last minute gift!diy sharpie message mug

These would be great wrapped in clear cellophane and filled with treats like fudge, marshmallow and such for gift giving.

diy sharpie message mug

You’ll need a plain mug. (The cheaper the better in this instance as the glaze will likely be less resistant when you come to heat it) Some vinyl stickers (letters, shapes, whatever you want. But vinyl…NOT paper as the ink will bleed through paper) and an oil based sharpie or a ceramic pen. Categorically, do not use a normal sharpie pen as they are water based and the marks will start to come off as soon as you wash it. If you follow me on IG you might remember a version of this pop up on my feed almost a year ago. It didn’t make it onto the blog because I used a normal sharpie and it DID NOT WORK. Learn from my mistakes people…learn from my mistakes 😉

diy sharpie message mug

Make sure your mug is clean and dry before you start. Clean the surface with white spirit/rubbing alcohol/nail polish remover to remove any residual grease before you start. Use the stickers to spell out your message taking care to keep the letters evenly spaced and level AND making sure they are firmly smoothed down all over but especially at the edges.

diy sharpie message mug

Take your pen and overlap “polka dots” all the way around the outline of the letters including any spaces inside the letters. Don’t overload the nib of the pen at this stage as it may lead to some of the paint seeping under the edge of the stickers and we want a nice clean edge.

diy sharpie message mug

Then fill in the area all around and inbetween the letters with more dots. Keep the dots dense in and around the letters then as you work outwards from the letters, have the dots become less dense and further apart.

diy sharpie message mug

Allow to dry. I left mine for at least an hour; before carefully removing the stickers. Use nail polish remover, cotton buds and a small scraping tool of some kind to clean up any ink that has “bled” under the stitckers. There shouldn’t be much if you firmed the edges down and didn’t overload the paint.

diy sharpie message mug

Once the stickers were removed I then went back and added more dots to even out the graduated effect. Elliott decided he wanted one too! So I grabbed a little espresso cup and monogrammed it for him, lol!  Et voila! Leave to “cure” for a day or so then bake in the oven. For a sharpie one place the mug in the oven then heat up to 220 celsius. Bake for 30-45 mins. Switch the oven off and allow to cool completely before removing from the oven. If you use a ceramic pen, follow the manufacturers instructions for setting/fixing the paint. For both pens the finished mugs will be handwash only for best durability.

diy sharpie message mug

I played around with some alternative marking techniques. I quite like them all! May have to make some more!!

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  1. Laura December 9, 2015

    These are so amazing!!!! I shall be making one for my teenage niece for her birthday, she’s getting increasing hard to buy for… Thanks for the tutorial x


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