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It’s been a funny couple of weeks. A mix of brilliant stuff and annoying obstacles! Best of all was announcing the winner of The Refashioners 2015 and the overwhelming consensus seems to be that Mirjam was indeed a worthy winner! In terms of what I’ve been up to I’ve been pretty productive! (Most of this will show up in more detailed blog posts going forward) I skinnified a pair of berry coloured jeans that have been bugging me for months. I’ve toiled my first pair of Ultimate Trousers. I’ve been cutting into cashmere sweaters for a project/experiment (sharp intake of breath. I KNOW!) I made up my boxy top in a woven to see if it would work. It does 😉 I posted the “boxy top” tutorial in this gorgeous hacci knit by Girl Charlee last week. (2 days left to enter their fabric giveaway people!). I had my first sewing experience with crepe and I think I’m in love! I used the free 2 hour top pattern from Sew Different and LOVED it. (about to cut my second in a magenta peachskin!!) I refashioned a bias cut crepe jersey skirt into what I have christened “the wonky top”. It really shouldn’t have worked on paper….but it sooooo does!!PicMonkey Collage

I treated myself to some new plants 🙂 A beautiful Echiveria succulent for the house and a trailing pothos for Shedquarters. Talking of Shedquarters (you can just see my new plant in that pic) I am growing more and more in love with my space every day 🙂 I’m working on the next post to show you how we took it from this into a breezy, bright and functional sewing space. Stay tuned for that later this week! I’ve been having some serious overlocker woes. Like for the past 3 weeks! (5 projects queued and stopped midway!) There was a day that I have now christened “overlocker armageddon” where it just seemed to throw a huge tantrum and implode. Broken needles and needle plate and it turns out (I got it back yesterday from the servicing company) the upper looper needed replacing, both knives were worn and out of alignment, the cam belt was slipping and the needles weren’t clearing the upper looper properly. What!! Anyway, it’s back and I’m off to test out my “Steve Austin” machine when I’ve finished typing this post! Hopefully to finish sewing the black scuba fabric that seemed to be the last straw for it those few weeks ago! Wish me luck on that?! Saturday was a wonderful day. Fabric shopping and lunch with fellow sewists at a meet up in Walthamstow. Doesn’t get much better than that 😉 I’m particularly taken with this polka dot and teal viscose (have it in maroon too!) that has a kind of satin swiss dot texture to it. £2 a metre from the legendary “man outside Sainsbury’s”!!

So that’s a very edited version of what I’ve been up to. How ’bout you? Watcha been doing? Spill!

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  1. Queen of Fifty Cents October 7, 2015

    I too have a cashmere I’m about to cut into, to make a scarf and fingerless mitts for a friend. But this sweater cost all of 25 cents at a yard sale so what the heck!


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