FO: Hacci Knit Kimono Cardi + tutorial

Happy Monday peops! If you fancy a really quick make to stave off the Monday blues then look no further! You could easily knock one of these up in a couple of hours. No pattern required. Just a few measurements, 1.5m of knit and you’re good to go….HACCI KIMONO DIY (1)

This is one of two Hacci knits kindly sent to me by Girl Charlee. You can see what I did with the other one here. Of the two, this was the easier to work with. Both my serger and standard machine handled this well with fine jersey needles. You’ll likely need to employ the differential feed on your serger due to the fabric’s urge to stretch under the pressure foot. So recommend swatching to perfect your settings before you get going 😉

Totally doable though as evidenced by the stripe matching I managed to achieve! On. A. Serger. Get in there!!! No fabric shifting going on there y’all!girl charlee hacci knit


While I stripe matched the side seams, I went for offset stripes on the kimono band to accentuate and make a feature of it…HACCI KIMONO DIY (10)


More stripe matching on that shoulder seam! (I was having a good day!!)HACCI KIMONO DIY (11)


For the kimono cuffs I went perpendicular with my stripes to add some more interest. Gotta love a bit of stripe play 😉HACCI KIMONO DIY (12)


Such a simple make. Let’s talk measurements. You need 2 identical rectangles. As long as you want your finished cardi + as wide as your “shoulder to shoulder” plus a couple of inches…HACCI KIMONO DIY (13)


Lay one rectangle on top of the other.  From the top layer only, cut a 4″ wide strip straight out of the centre then serge straight across the the top to join everything together…HACCI KIMONO DIY (1)


Snip in to your side seams approx 8″-9″ down to mark your armhole opening…HACCI KIMONO DIY (2)


Serge down the side seams from this notch all the way down the sides…HACCI KIMONO DIY (3)


Create a 4″ wide strip long enough to go all the way around your cardi opening. Mine was cut in 2 pieces and joined. Fold in half RS together, serge the ends closed. Turn through RS out then align the raw edges and pin together to keep them aligned. Press.HACCI KIMONO DIY (4)


With the kimono RS out attach the band all the way around the opening with raw edges aligned…HACCI KIMONO DIY (5)


Before you sew, press the hem under 5/8″ on the WS. Then flip it over to enclose the end of your band like so. (This is the same technique as I used on my Kimono for The Refashioners if you want more detail). Serge all the way around the the band, secure threads. Turn the seam to the inside and push the corners through. Hem.HACCI KIMONO DIY (6)


Next create 2 tubes of fabric the same width as your armhole.  With the kimono WS out and the sleeves RS out pin in place around the armhole, aligning raw edges, then serge together…HACCI KIMONO DIY (7)


Lastly create 2 cuff bands (a tube folded in half) the same width as your sleeves and attach in the same way. RS together, raw edges aligned. Serge together.HACCI KIMONO DIY (8)


All done!! The nature of hacci knit (it’s very lightweight) will make this a perfect cover up for warmer days too and it’s a great way to layer without adding too much bulk 🙂 I fancy trying this in some french terry too for a warmer version!HACCI KIMONO DIY (9)

For this week only Girl Charlee are offering 15% off (plus free shipping on orders over £50) when you use the code PORTIA15 at checkout 🙂 Code expires Sunday 18th Oct Midnight GMT.

Here’s a gratuitous close up of my trimmings aka #sergerspew #sergerporn , lol! (It will give you a good idea of the texture so does actually serve a purpose. Plus it’s so puuuuurty! Happy Monday people!20151009_130901

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  1. Jane October 12, 2015

    This looks great! I love the fabric. When I’ve mastered my new serger/overlocker …………

    • Girl Charlee October 13, 2015

      Glad you like our fabric Jane, good luck with the overlocker, it’s not as scary as it seems! Did you take advantage of the Lidl offer?

  2. Girl Charlee October 13, 2015

    Another amazing make Portia (stands up to applaud the pattern matching!)

  3. Anne October 13, 2015

    Pretty!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that links to your tutorial:


    • portia October 14, 2015

      As ever, thank you so much Anne 🙂

  4. Jody October 14, 2015

    Thank you for that pattern. Can’t wait to try it. Any ideas on where to get nice fabric.all I have is Joanne’s here, and one washing of Joanne’s fabric and it looks like a rag. Also do you think the kimono could be made from a heavy blanket fabric for outer ware?

    • portia October 14, 2015

      Girl Charlee are available online in the UK and US depending on where you are? Also, yes I you think so! I plan on making this up myself as a heavier jacket so will let you know how it goes!

  5. Annabellouise November 17, 2015

    Clever. Looks lovely and would be an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

  6. Anne December 9, 2015

    What a great pattern, tutorial! Thank you. I don’t think I’m quite up to handling knits (and stripes, oh God!) but what do you think about cotton or a light poly blend? I love the versatility of this design!

    • portia December 9, 2015

      Absolutely, this would work on wovens Anne 🙂 Just make sure you have enough ease across the shoulders and armholes. Maybe add a little to those measurements. Px

  7. Janice Marple January 30, 2016

    I have some knit material I think would work for this cardigan but I don’t have a serger. Can I make this without a serger?

    • Portia Lawrie January 31, 2016

      Hi Janice 🙂 Yes you can. But it will very much depend on the type of jersey you use and whether your standard machine likes it or not! Some machines will have a stretch stitch etc swatch first I would say 🙂

  8. Dawn Ockomon January 30, 2016

    for you left overs…. Have you considered crocheting them into a rug or chair cushion? They may also make great coasters depending on how absorbent the fabric one uses.

    • Portia Lawrie January 31, 2016

      I didn’t have a great deal left over but yes. Rag rugs/crochet rugs/cushions all great uses for scraps!

  9. Happy Mama February 26, 2016

    Love this. I’ve been looking for jacket to wear with a new dress as the weather gets cooler – this will be perfect as I can get the color I want. Thanks.


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