September Sponsor Showcase: Giveaways & Discounts!!

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that my little sidebar has started to play host to some advertising.  I realise that this can be a controversial issue for some readers, and one worth addressing. Let me promise you now, it’s only going to be a positive thing for this blog (sponsorship enables me to concentrate on this blog instead of working for someone else = more posts and more inspiration!) and for you (it means I can bag you some discounts and giveaways!!)

I spent about half a day this week drooling over all these websites and picking a few faves from each one…and let me tell you it was hard! But…without further ado…a big shout out and MASSIVE thanks to all of my September sponsors for supporting me/Makery this month AND for you guys here are some of my faves AND the lowdown on some exclusive discounts and giveaways!

The Splendid Stitch – 10% off with code: PORTIA10

The texture on this Sybille Ivory Crepe has me drooling and I can’t help but think it would be an awesome Lexi top! This geometric cotton batiste from Atelier Brunette would make an awesome Archer or Quinn shirt; and I can’t quite shake my love of grey so this Murray Grey Wool tweed has me thinking about another Freemantle. Worth noting that fabrics are sold by the quarter metre at The Splendid Stitch so bear this in mind when entering your quantities.THE SPLENDID STITCH


Fabric Godmother –  Win Gutterman Thread!

I love so much in Josie’s store! Aaargh! I’ve developed a bit of a thing for Cupro recently. (I have some I picked up from “The Man Outside Sainsburys” at a Walthamstow meet up that I am about to cut into….eeep! Cupro isn’t that widely available so this gorgeous Koop Cupro in taupe (with tiny polka dots!) is a real find. Cupro, if you haven’t come across it is kind of like a peachskin/heavy silk but made from cotton linter (so it’s a natural cellulose fibre) and is seriously gorgeous on the skin. This bamba monochrome viscose has the most gorgeous stylised bamboo design! I’m also loving plum tones right now so I’m thinking this Lillies Acqua viscose jersey and this Isabella wool and viscose jersey by John Kaldor would make an awesome combo! If you’re up for a bit of refashioning Josie has also very generously donated 10 spools of Gutterman thread AND a lace collar kit to the prize package for The Refashioners…but hurry! Deadline is 27th Sept!FABRIC GODMOTHER


Swedish Tracing Paper – Giveaway AND 10% off with code: MAKERY

Beloved of so many sewists it seems (although I have yet to try it myself in the interests of full disclosure)Swedish Tracing Paper is the traceble, stitchable, pretty much untearable paper used for tracing patterns and making toiles. I hear that once you use this stuff you won’t want to use bog standard tracing paper again. Well, Claire is offering you the chance to win a free roll of this wonder paper. Simply hop over and sign up to her newsletter packed with articles, tips and offers every fortnight. Then leave a comment here to let me know. Giveaway is open until midnight GMT on 9th October. Winner will be selected at random and notified by the email address given at the time of signing up for the newsletter.SWEDISH TRACING PAPER


Remnant Kings  – 10% off with code: MAKERY10

A household name in Scotland Remnant Kings are rightfully starting to gain traction elsewhere. A VAST array of fabrics and haberdashery for all manner of projects. I have a couple of projects coming up using some of their fabrics so look out for those soon. In the meantime check this out! This rose print leatherette (Yes you read that right! Leatherette. With roses on it.) had me all whaaaaaat!!! You know when something is SO unusual it has you racking your brains thinking what you might make?? A huge floral tote? Pencil skirt? What would you make with that??  On a slightly more conventional note, I’m also pondering a Freemantle in this Missoni Tweed with a burgundy lining (told you I was loving plum tones, lol!). They have a HUGE selection of linings in all the colours 🙂REMNANT KINGS


Wendy Ward – Win a signed copy of A Beginners Guide to Dressmaking!

While Wendy is well known for her book, classes and patterns, did you know that she has also launched a range of accessories including sewing themed jewellery (!) and this awesome MIY collaboration with scissor gods Ernest Wright & Son! I mean seriously! I keep looking at those shears and it makes my stomach hurt how much I want them. (Shedquarters is all white inside so it’s a must right?). Anyway, they’ve gone onto my Christmas/Birthday list so fingers crossed 🙂 You can also win a signed copy of Wendy’s book as part of The Refashioners Prize Package. Hurry hurry hurry!WENDY WARD


Girl Charlee – Giveaway – Win 2m of the fabric of your choice

The new(ish) jersey and knit specialist on the UK block but loooong established across the pond! You may have seen my previous post regarding this spotty Hacci knit. As well as a drafting tutorial for the top itself there’s deets on a giveaway where you can win 2m of the fabric of your choice! Get to it! I have another tutorial coming up using this mauve stripe Hacci knit too. So stay tuned for that. And just in case you were wondering where the triangle ponte knit that has been popping up all over the interwebs came from…it was these guys! (But they just sold out of that….aargh!)GIRL CHARLEE


White Tree Fabrics – Liberty Deal PLUS 20% off + Free P&P with Code: MAKERY

Art Gallery fabrics are stirring up a storm at the moment I know. But for the most part, lovely as they are, for a colour phobe like me (all the greys, lol) I hadn’t seen one that I thought I could incorporate into my wardrobe. Then I saw this Cultivate Jersey and was sold! The smudgy stripe is such a cool take on a classic breton stripe. Awesome.  I’m much the same with Liberty. I can appreciate them for their quality etc. But traditional florals have never really been my thing. But they do seem to be expanding their offering to include some more edgy and abstract designs. Like this Ilona and Strike Tana Lawn. Cool right??! That Strike tana lawn and it’s stylised match book motif has a distinct 50’s formica look to it don’t you think?? As well as the discount code above (applicable across the whole site) hey’re also offering a special deal on Liberty Tana Lawns at £15m (RRP £22.50) so head here to check that out 🙂WHITE TREE FABRICS


Sew Crafty – Prizes and 20% off with code “PORTIA10”

While I’m not usually a lover of bright colours (actually that’s not strictly true, I like them…I ‘m just not good at wearing them!) this multiflower cotton lawn is pretty delicious and I could see a drop hem tunic in this teamed with some black skinnies. Hmmmm. Dare I? What do you think?? This measuring tape ribbon is so cool! It would be perfect for garment hanging loops or to stabilise a neckline as a cheeky little hidden nod to a garment’s handmade credentials right? Sew Crafty have also contributed to The Refashioners Prize package where you can win an awesome toolkit and one of their newly launched sewing journals!!SEW CRAFTY


Elephant in My Handbag – 10% off your first order with code: MAKERY

I’ve been contemplating some pleat front courduroy trousers (I’ve been toiling and playing with a hack on the Suzy pattern – deets shortly) and this shade “anthracite” plays to my love of grey. As does this scandi Christmas jersey. Seriously….who want’s a white christmas when you can have a grey christmas, lol! Christmas decorating will no longer be agonising for us neutral lovers! Stephanie has a great range of scandi  christmas stuff in greys and taupe! I know! Althoooooogh….this herringbone organic cotton canvas is catching my eye for some catch all lined baskets I need for the bedroom…not totally colour averse then!EIMH - SEPT FAVES


Sewbox – Liberty Prize Giveaway + Offer plus Kwik Sew Pattern Offer

If Liberty is your thing then Susan from Sewbox could be your fairy godmother! Not only has she contributed 2m of Liberty fabric to The Refashioners prize package; there’s also plenty of it included in their sale;  and all Kwik Sew patterns are half price until 24th Oct! While I’ve already admitted that traditional florals aren’t quite my thing, I can’t deny the quality and inherent beauty of a Liberty fabric. They do have some beautiful autumnul colourways which I can totally appreciate. This particular Rossmore cord is just gorgeous! I’m not sure of the weight of a Rossmore cord, but wouldn’t this look cool as some Ultimate Trousers with a plain black or burgundy top?!!SEWBOX


So that’s it. These are all the wonderful people who have been supporting this blog behind the scenes this month! If you like what you see, then please do go and support them too. As someone who has worked in many and independent small business, I know how important your support is to them. 🙂

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  1. Vicky September 25, 2015

    Fabulous line up of discounts, comps and giveaways. Just signed up to the Swedish Tracing Paper newsletter (and added it to my wish list ready to point hubby at when he starts to think about Christmas).

  2. Ingrid September 25, 2015

    This post makes me want to buy ALL THE THINGS. An man is the Refashioners winner going to be one lucky lady… I think it’s great that you can do what you love and get some payment for it. Win win in my opinion!

  3. Ann Marshall September 25, 2015

    Hya Portia, I have just signed up for the Swedish Tracing Paper newsletter. I’ve read so much about it that I would love to try some. Great post today, very interesting. Love your blog. I have done a shirt refashion but don’t do Instagram and can’t work out how to send you the pics on Pinterest. Regards Ann

  4. Amy September 25, 2015

    All signed up up to the Swedish Tracing Paper. I’ve me three very different shaped women to create bridesmaids dresses for. That’s some serious hackery to do.

  5. Tran Nguyen September 25, 2015

    Love all these sponsors and thank you for sharing these discount codes!!!! Just signed up for Swedish Tracing Paper newsletter. Also.. Working on my third shirt refashion, but doubt it will much compare to all the other beautiful and creative refashion that have been shared so far… Still a good way to hone my beginner sewing skills, tho.

  6. kathryn September 25, 2015

    ooh what a great load of disocunts! I signed up for Swedish Tracing Paper newsletter – I’ve just finished a roll so perfect timing.

  7. Donna September 25, 2015

    I love swedish tracing paper. I will never use anything else again.

    Thank you,

  8. Jane September 25, 2015

    Great selection, thank you – my absolute favourite is the Strike Tana Lawn!! I have to have some of that.

  9. Wendy Ward September 25, 2015

    Super post Portia, if you managed to make no online purchases while compiling it you have iron willpower lady!! x

    • portia September 25, 2015

      That or a really squeeeeezed bank balance Wendy ?

  10. Alison Kerr September 25, 2015

    Great post, introduced me to’some fab new suppliers. Portia, can I ask how long the discount codes will be active? I’m thinking the Remnant Kings and White Tree fabrics especially. Thanks!

    • portia September 25, 2015

      Hi Alison. They’ve given me no deadline so as it stands, they are active indefinately. Should that change I’ll update the post. But worth bearing in mind…Remnant Kings have a 20% sale this weekend only so you may be able to use both offers!

      • Alison Kerr September 25, 2015

        Brilliant, thanks!

  11. Katie September 25, 2015

    Thank you for these, I’m going to have a cheeky browse over the weekend! Can’t resist a discount code.

    • portia September 25, 2015

      Me either Katie? Remnant Kings has a weekend 20% discount too this weekend ?

  12. jane d September 26, 2015

    I signed up for Swedish Tracing Paper!

  13. JJ September 26, 2015

    Advertising in the sidebar is totally cool with me, ads running across or popping up over your content is not. Way to keep it classy!!


    • portia September 26, 2015

      Thanks JJ ? ack! Hate stuff running over content!?

  14. Virginia September 28, 2015

    Just signed up for the Swedish Tracing Paper newsletter. Thanks 🙂

  15. Michelle September 28, 2015

    I just signed up for the Swedish Tracing Paper newsletter. I’ve heard so much about it, that I really do want to try it.

  16. Jane September 28, 2015

    Now signed up for the Swedish Tracing Paper newsletter. My phone just wouldn’t let me do it last week while I was away!

  17. Fooniks September 29, 2015

    I have heard so many great things about Swedish Tracing Paper but I’ve never tried it. The shops simply don’t sell it in my area. And now I am all signed up for the newsletter as well 🙂

  18. rbjaneite September 29, 2015

    I’d love to win some Swedish Tracing Paper – I’ve heard about for so long but never got my hands on any! I’ve signed up for the newsletter 🙂

  19. bekki October 2, 2015

    Thats such a tempting list of discounts! I’ve just signed up to swedish tracing paper.

  20. Liesel October 2, 2015

    I signed up for the Swedish Tracing Paper newsletter! I have been wanting to try some!!!

  21. Karen Shearer October 7, 2015

    I signed up for the Swedish Tracing Paper list 🙂

  22. Charlotte October 7, 2015

    Thanks for the tip off for the Swedish Tracing Paper giveaway Portia. ?

  23. Amy October 7, 2015

    So many tempting discount! And I’ve signed up for the swedish tracing paper as I would love to try it.

  24. Helen October 9, 2015

    Wow – thanks for all the exciting offers to check out! And I just signed up for the swedish tracing paper newsletter – fingers crossed…


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