Bargain Sewing Machine Alert

Just a quickie! A comment from Susie about when Aldi/Lidl might be having another sewing event and/or stocking that bargain overlocker I got a couple of years ago prompted me to check out their website. Nothing from Aldi and no overlocker to be seen from either of them. But thought you guys might appreciate a heads up regarding a Lidl special offer THIS MONDAY 21st Sept 2015….

Lidl Sewing Machine Special Offer

They’ll be carrying limited stock of this  bit of kit. I think it’s their own brand. Looks like a basic model but having said that it’ll probably do everything you’d need it to do because it has more than just your basic stitches; and could be worth a look if you’re looking for a low cost machine to get you started or as an additional/backup machine. Maybe as a first machine for a teen etc. Here it is in close up…

Lidl Sewing Machine Special Offer

More event/offer details here; product details here; and search results for reviews/forum comments on it’s capabilities here.

If it’s anything like the overlocker offer then there’ll be a handful of these per store and they’ll go quick. So get there before they open would be my advice! I’d also sign up for their newsletters. Aldi here. Lidl here. Because who knows when that overlocker is going to surface again!

This is not a Lidl sponsored post btw, lol! I just love me a bargain and I thought some of you might too!

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  1. Jennie Caminada September 20, 2015

    Can’t agree less. You can buy a decent John Lewis sewing machine for £89, it’s made by Janome and backed with a two year no quibble guarantee. I fix sewing machines and these machines are so badly made they are not a cheap buy at all as you really do get what you pay for, or in this case you get less than you pay for even. There’s now guarantee, they haven’t been tested before going into the shops, they are made with cheap parts, often the bobbin tension doesn’t balance out with the top tension, they will unlikely ever work very well and can be very frustrating to use. It can put people off sewing altogether. It may seem like a bargain but really, buy a sewing machine in a sewing machine shop, not a supermarket.

    • portia September 21, 2015

      Thanks Jenny! This post is simply a heads up rather than a recommendation for clarity’s sake 🙂 Have you come across this particular machine?? ie Silvercrest? I haven’t and I’m sure anyone reading this would be interested to hear the specifics of this machine if you have knowledge of it?? Thanks so much 🙂

    • Teresa December 16, 2015

      Hi Jenny, thanks for the heads up, I was looking at this machine today as I want something to replace my 25 year old Brother machine. I’m assuming you’re meaning a John Lewis branded machine which is made by Janome? I’m looking for something which threads itself and has automatic tension adjustment if possible so John Lewis may well be worth a look.

  2. Lisa September 22, 2015

    Pretty sure the guarantee on the sewing machine is for 3 years the day light lamp I bought in there today certainly has a 3 year guarantee and it’s great. I don’t need a new machine but I reckon for the money it’s a pretty good buy. The sewing thread kits in there for 3.99 are pretty useful too. Fab blog by the way I love reading it?

    • portia September 22, 2015

      Thanks Lisa 🙂 Yep, my overlocker had a 3 year guarantee too. Seems a standard! Stoked you enjoy the blog!

  3. Adam Waddy November 29, 2015

    A few years ago my husband called and said he got me something. He was excited. He came home with and old machine. He found it in an alley. I put it in my flower bed and love it. It adds a homey to outside as well as my inside machines do. Thanks for your sharing! It’s very helpful

  4. Susan Baldwin March 2, 2016

    I have bought this machine and really happy with it. For the price it does just a good job as those expensive machines.

  5. anne October 12, 2017

    i bought this silver crest machine from lidl it worked great for a few months .Now it sews for about 20cm then nests .I have changed needles ,rethreaded , checked tension all to no avail.Anne


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