A Potted History of The Refashioners!

With the launch of The Refashioners 2015 hurtling ever closer (2 weeks to go peops! Eeeep!) I thought it might be quite fun to take a look at how the series has evolved since it’s launch in 2011.  I’m aware that some of you who may have discovered this blog recently, may not be aware of the first 2 series and for those of you that have followed along before, it’s fun to see a visual representation of how much it has grown and also to remember some of the amazing refashions that have resulted!

Series 1 – 2011

The first series launched in 2011 with Casey, Dixie, Tilly, Karen, Zoe, et Moi! 6 participants in total and running over a week only. Participants were sent a variety of secret garments by me; with the challenge to turn them from “Meh” to amazing and share the results and the “how to” in the hope that it would inspire others to get refashioning…A potted history of The Refashioners at www.makery.uk

I had only been sewing and blogging for about 18 months at this stage and The Refashioners was the seed of an idea. My blog had nowhere near the following that it does now. I was a blogging newbie and I was very much in awe of these ladies. So it took a bit of courage to ask them and it felt like I was punching well and truly above my weight in doing so! But I took a deep breath, asked, and they were all lovely and they all said yes; and The Refashioners was born! Casey and Zoe have both become Mum’s since these pictures were taken and Tilly has gone on to pretty colossal success following her appearance on GBSB. (I totally think she should release the pattern she used in this refashion!) And me, well  my sewing and style have evolved dramatically since then! (HOW much hair?!)

Series 2 – 2013

Fast forward to 2013 and the series has doubled in size and runs over a fornight as opposed to a week. Eleven participants this year: Liz, Tasha, Karen, Zoe, Lauren, Dixie, Sally, Marie, Elisalex, Me, and Joanne. Again, I sourced all garments and the participants had NO idea on what they were getting and this is what they came up with! Awesome right?!A potted history of The Refashioners at www.makery.uk

This series was much more formed than the first. I had more of an idea of what I wanted and didn’t want for the series; and how to go about doing it.  I learnt from little hiccups from the previous series (never again would I buy a kilt. However purple velvet shirts are another story ;). I started sourcing garments way ahead of time.  Approaching participants with a little more notice too. Something that I had not considered as a novice blogger back in 2011, which seemed like a no brainer 2 years on. Bloggers tend to fill their schedules weeks, sometimes months ahead. If you want people to take part you kinda gotta give them time to fit it in, lol! Plus I knew more people in the sewing and blogging community because I’d been a part of it for longer. The 2013 series was awesome. The response was huge compared to the first series. To give you an idea, the surge in traffic and interest saw my little blog (temporarily!) jump to #1 in Bloglovin’s DIY/Craft blog category. I was seriously flying high after this one. All these ladies. Awesome. (Oh yeah…and yet another hairstyle for me,lol!). Both these series ran under my original blogging moniker of Miss P. Shortly after Series 2 I started working full time and all but dropped out of the blogosphere for 18 months.

Series 3 – 2015

In the spring of this year, circumstances meant that I could leave my full time job and start sewing and blogging regularly again, which made me very happy indeed! I rebranded from Miss P to Makery (I feel like I’m a little old to be clinging to the “Miss” moniker! Time to grow up. Sorta!)and migrated my blog over to a self hosted WordPress site with a new look and better functionality. One of the first things I then started doing was planning a new series of The Refashioners! TWENTY ONE participants this year including me (not pictured because there wasn’t space in the collage, lol!) Heather Lou, Ooonaballona, Zoe, Marie, Sunni, Wendy, Lisa Comfort/Sew Over It, Ingrid, Elisalex, Erin, Tasha, Marilla, Dixie, Jenny, Jenna, Sasha, Ute, Sarah, Andrea, Sally…and Me…A potted history of The Refashioners at www.makery.uk

The first emails went out in March of this year (once again punching above my weight in terms of who I asked!) and this years series has required more planning and co-ordination on my part than ever before. Not only are there more bloggers than ever before but this year we are throwing the doors open to all and, for the first time ever, running a community challenge alongside the blogger challenge. (Huge prize package for that to be announced shortly!! Watch this space!) and there’ll be some media coverage too. The aim is to make this series bigger and more far reaching than ever before. To get as much of the sewing community refashioning in August (and beyond!) as we can. We want you all to #getshirty with us this August.  Be inspired by what these ladies are about to share with you right here on this blog in 2 weeks time. Grab a shirt and turn it into something amazing!

It remains to be seen what The Refashioners 2015 will hold. Although I’ve seen some of the completed refashions already and OH.MY.WORD!!  This year could be stratospheric! If the reaction when the line up was announced is anything to go by, (100s of new blog and social media followers and a surge of traffic crashing my blog!) the appetite for this series is definitely there!

We can’t wait!! Are you in??

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  1. Nicoletta July 19, 2015

    Hi Portia! I would love to take part! I already found an old shirt and have a few ideas! I hope to be ready to show you what’s in my mind! Thank you for this funny theme and #getshirt together this summer!

    • portia July 20, 2015

      Woohooo Nicoletta! Can’t wait to see it either! Have added you to the board 🙂

  2. Hi…just me…the one who lives under a rock, LOL! I had not heard of The Refashioners until seeing Oona’s button. It’s apparent I wandered here at precisely the right moment. This post answers not only my unspoken questions, but provides all kinds of DIY inspiration! Ta!

    • portia July 20, 2015

      Hi Sue!!! And welcome 🙂 Glad you hopped over from Oonaballona. Bless her for spreading the word 🙂 Have added you to the board as requested. Can’t wait to see everyone’s refashions!


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