Inspiration: Elizabeth Suzann

I am seriously crushing on these pieces from Elizabeth Suzann.  If you follow me on pinterest you will already have seen these pop up!

Elizabeth Suzann


Sadly these are way out of my price range. But they are serving to inspire my sewing brain. Alot of the styles I’m hankering after I’m picturing in linen style fabrics. But I’m not a fan of pure linen for the creasing element. Am thinking I need to find a good cotton/linen mix with a soft feel rather than the crisp/starchy feel that linen can sometimes have. Hmmm…or maybe sandwashed silk/cupro??  Any recommedations from online suppliers peops???

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  1. Karen McJunkin April 19, 2015

    Thanks for sharing them because I am crushing now too. They are awesome. I would do brighter colors but the structure is amazing.

    • portia April 19, 2015

      Aren’t they lush Karen?! Px

  2. Jenna April 25, 2015

    The fabric shop in Maldon had some linen blend fabric on sale a few weeks back if that helps! I sent some to Marilla and she’s making a skirt out of it.

    • portia April 25, 2015

      Thanks hun! Will check it out 🙂 Px

  3. Nadia June 6, 2015

    Late to the party here but I’ve been searching and searching online for some decent sandwashed silks as I’d like to make a dress for my graduation at the end of the month (thinking a Victory Patterns Nicola) but can’t find any so thought I might try and make my own if I could find a silk cheap enough to not bother too much if it didn’t work! There was an Elizabeth Suzann post on how to do this yourself a couple of years ago that seems to have disappeared but if I manage to find one in internet archives I’ll let you know!

    • portia June 7, 2015

      Fantastic! Thanks Nadia! 🙂

  4. Fi July 2, 2015

    I’d really love to hear if anyone has come across any similar shops or patterns in the uk? I love ElizabethSuzann’s clothes but too expensive for me, also considering I’d also have to pay import tax on top of the price of the clothes 🙁

    • portia July 2, 2015

      So would I Fi! The styles ARE fairly simple and classic though. So finding patterns from the 80’s and 90’s could be the way to go as alot of the styles are a modern take on the silhouettes of that era I’d say 🙂


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