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Marilla Walker Maya Top at

This top has been sat unfinished for about 3 months. Seriously. I am a serial UFO’er.  All it needed was the neckline facing and the sleeves hemming. I love the fabric and the style is right up my strata so why oh why have I taken this long to finish it? Simple answer is, there is no answer. Apart from I need to give myself a slap! I LOVE this top.  The curved hem, the boat neck the kimono sleeve. I mean if ever a pattern was made for me this is it…


The fabric is an ebay purchase at £4.95 a metre. (You may recognise it from my banded tee) It has a veeeeery subtle metallic element to the lighter part of the weave. Nothing flashy. Like you could hardly notice if I hadn’t told you and you were standing right next to me. That kinda subtle. The overall effect is like a luxe tie dye if that makes any sense whatsoever?? I have no idea what the fabric content is and sadly the seller has run out, but hey ho, I like!

Marilla Walker Maya Top at

It’s not complex. But it is versatile. The pattern comes in two lengths (a dress and a top) with button through and hem variations and I’m already planning some customisations as this is the perfect basic to have a play with.


In terms of sizing it’s pretty spot on. What I would add is there is not a great deal of play with the size of the armhole. It’s snug. So if you’re cutting a smaller size than you normally would for some reason, blend it back up to your usual size at the sleeves.

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You can introduce yourself to Marilla here (she’s lovely. Say Hi) if you haven’t discovered her yet, be sure to check out her blog!

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  1. Helen // Grosgrain Green April 21, 2015

    This is lovely and definitely very “you”. I really fancy this pattern. It does seem ripe for variations.

  2. Baye April 22, 2015

    Love this! I’m off to visit the pattern page. On another note, the Women’s Sewing Essentials Value Pack photo on the sidebar look really interesting, but clicking on it doesn’t work. How can I find out more about it? It offers to let me pin it, but nothing more.

    • portia April 22, 2015

      Hi Baye! Glad you like! It’s a great little pattern to whip up in an afternoon (unless you’re me and leave it sitting there for 3 months just needing a facing!). I’ve tested the link and it’s fine my end. Takes me straight through to the store. When you hover over it, the pinterest button does come up but just ignore it and click right in the centre and you should be good 🙂

  3. Lola Fraser May 21, 2015

    I like your site! I have been ripping flat feld jean seams the slow way for years. Here is an husband had a cotton Hawaiian shirt that was too tight..i liked the fabric. I carefully cut away the back yoke, including the collar and sleeves. The armholes are now smaller, just right. I cut the back neck slightly lower. On the front, I put right sides together and stitched from CF to shoulder, turn right side out. Using the sleeves i cut bias strips to make a finished 1 1/4″ sleeve cuff..this added a little more to the cap length. Mens shoulders are wider and the hangover is good if you dont want sleeveless. I used another bias strip to finish CB neck. Done! This shirt was right length for me so nothing needed. The shirt buttons up front and now flaps back to form a V-neck.

    • portia May 21, 2015

      Love it! Funny you should mention hawaiian shirts Lola….watch this space 😉


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