diy: geometric copper & wood fruit bowl

DIY Geometric Copper Wooden Fruit Bowl at

If you want a quick and easy DIY fix, then DIY doesn’t get much quicker and easier than this fruit bowl “tart up”. Happy days!



Thrifted Wooden bowl

Kobra Copper Spray Paint

Masking/Painter’s Tape

DIY Geometric Copper Wooden Fruit Bowl at

I thrifted this wooden bowl for like, £1-2, a couple of years ago. I’m loving copper accents and am looking at ways of bringing a liiiiiitle bit of copper into our room scheme without it being overpowering or too blingy. I used this same Kobra copper spray paint in a subtle way on the chair legs of our ikea tub chair refurb. (I am a bit in love with Kobra paint)

DIY Geometric Copper Wooden Fruit Bowl at

Like I said….doesn’t get much simpler than this! Mark out your design with masking tape. I went for simplicity with retro looking, nesting triangles. You could do anything though. Stripes, chevrons, criss cross the tape randomly. Use stickers of different shapes and sizes instead of masking tape. Anything left exposed will be copper (or whichever colour you choose) and anything masked out will remain as it was. Plain wood.


DIY Geometric Copper Wooden Fruit Bowl

Spray and leave to dry for the time indicated on the can. Yes, I know. The base is going to be a funny mish mash of shapes once the tape is removed. You can always tidy up the base later by adding a disc of felt if this is likely to bother you, which I shall probably do at some stage…


DIY Geometric Copper Wooden Fruit Bowl at

Remove the tape and tidy up any rough edges with the edge of your nail and you’re done!


DIY Geometric Copper Wooden Fruit Bowl at

It’s so simple I know. But for me simplicity is beautiful, and it’s the contrast between the shiny metallic copper and the softly aged natural wood that really works .  Each one makes the other more gorgeous.

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  1. Laura March 13, 2015

    Portia, you are one of my very favourite bloggers – you make such beautiful things do simply! Even a duffer like me could do it…

    • portia March 14, 2015

      Aw Laura! You make my day! Thank you 🙂 Px


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