Bargain Alert!! Singer Overlocker at Lidl….

Just a quickie that I had to share with you all! As of tomorrow (Monday 4th Nov 2013)  Lidl stores will be offering this Singer overlocker (complete with 3 year manufacturer warranty) for a mere £149!!!

In addition they’ll be selling cones of overlocker thread in a range of neutral colours, 2 for £2 or £1.49 each.
For more deets (and your closest participating store) check out their website.
I suspect these will sell out fast!!
Anyone have any knowledge or experience of this machine? Please leave a comment!! I for one would like to know whether this is a worthwhile purchase as J will be heading to our local Lidl in the morning to try and snag me one of these before they all disappear…..;)

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  1. Bo November 3, 2013

    I bought this in the summer last time they were in. It is the first tine I have used an overlocker, so I don’t have anything to compare to, but I am really pleased with it. Easy to use, and gives a great finish to all my seams. Would definitely recommend!

  2. Lauren Digby November 3, 2013

    ooh thank you! I would never have found this otherwise. Just made my parents aware of its existence, Christmas isn’t so far away! 😉

  3. Highly recommend! This looks similar to my Singer (I couldn’t tell at the link whether it is actually the same model). I love my machine, Portia. I’ve had it several years and if God forbid I were to lose it, it would be replaced the following day… with another Singer. I have tried other brands over the years and always return to Singer. I previously worked as a seamstress and one needs reliability in one’s tools. Though I now sew only for friends and family, all my machines are Singers. This sounds like a great bargain for anyone lucky to snag one.

  4. Rachael November 3, 2013

    Thanks for this, I’ve emailed my Mum the link as a hint about Christmas presents. We’ll wait to see what Santa brings…

  5. Sarah Brown November 3, 2013

    Thanks for this – I shall be buying my own early Xmas present!!

  6. AlmondRock November 3, 2013

    Hello, In case it helps anyone I’ve just found out it’s the Singer 14SH754. I’m off to get one tomorrow! I have a Singer babylock that’s done its duty (it’s about twenty years old) and now it’s time to upgrade. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this tonight Portia. I’m going to be down there like a shot 🙂

  7. Nancy November 3, 2013

    Thanks for the tip! Anyone know how to find out which lidl stores will be selling them tomorrow? I can’t work it out from their site.

    • Erica Mitchell November 5, 2013

      Hi Nancy,
      Just in case you haven’t made it down to a Lidl yet – they should be stocked in all their stores in varying quantities…according to customer services anyway! I just bought one after months of not being able to justify the expense..! yey! I havent opened it yet but am excited to get started! Thank you to Portia for letting us all know about it:))

  8. María José November 3, 2013

    I bought it one month ago in lidl spain. It’s the first time that I sew with an overlock, but I’m very happy with this sewing machine. In Spain normaly it cost 450€

  9. Dolly November 4, 2013

    Having just bought one this morning, I can confirm it is the 14SH754 model at £149.00. I was at my local Lidl – New Milton – and at opening time there was a guy there picking one up for someone, so I agree that these will be popular.
    Checked on-line and they retail anywhere between £205 and nearly £300.
    I’ve never used one before so unable to compare it but really look forward to making my first knit on it.
    THANK YOU so much Portia for the heads-up, I would not have known about it without you.
    My day has started great – hope everyone else’s does to!!!

    • Jenny Larking November 4, 2013

      I went to the New Milton Lidl this morning as well and there were about 6 machines on the stand. I don’t really have any use for one although I think they are a bargain but I stocked up on the cones of thread, elastic, a Morphy Richards iron for £12.99 and other bits and bobs so it was a worthwhile visit. I have also subscribed to their newsletter as they have all these specials each week. Thanks Portia for the tip off.

  10. sewalife November 4, 2013

    I also bought one in Lidl Spain before the summer. It´s pretty good and works perfectly. It was 149 €, a big deal I think. I highly recommend it.

  11. Rebecca November 4, 2013

    Thanks! I picked one up this morning a superb Christmas present for me 🙂

  12. Anonymous November 4, 2013

    I’ve just bought one! Thank you so much for this – I’ve been saving for an overlocker all year and this is perfect! I’m so excited – can’t wait to get started with it! Thanks again!

  13. Littleleyscrafts November 4, 2013

    I got one last time they were on, never used an overlocker before and my seams are now perfect! Get one! Would also recommend the craftsy serger course……

  14. Among the Untrodden Ways November 4, 2013

    Thanks so much for the heads up on this. As soon as I saw this I raced down to the nearest Lidl and am over the moon to say I got one!

  15. Carla November 4, 2013

    Yesss! Thanks so much for the tip Portia, rushed down to my local Lidl as soon as I saw your post. Have been hoping to get one for ages but couldn’t justify the expense so this is perfect. Extra bonus as I have a day off work tomorrow so can have some fun playing with my early xmas present 🙂

  16. BeachFaceRed November 18, 2013

    I’ve just seen 5 in our local Lidl! I thought they’d be long gone by now. I guess there aren’t many people sewing near me.
    Might have to ask the husband for an early Christmas present 🙂

  17. Samantha Schofield January 3, 2014

    I’m looking out for this offer again! Now I’m ready for a overlocker. It’s a bargain! Samantha

  18. Anonymous October 11, 2014

    hi all. If you’re interested bought one today at lidl at £129. only 1 left at our local one

  19. Fran Haselden May 21, 2015

    I’ve just purchased one of these off a friend. It’s amazing! I’m so impressed, I bought it from her for £80 and it’s a great machine.

    • portia May 21, 2015

      It is a great machine Fran! And a bargain for £80!! 🙂 Am just about to begin a serger series on this particular machine too!

  20. Susie September 19, 2015

    I’d love one of these. Does anyone know if they still come up in Lidl stores on occasions? (I see the article/thread runs from Nov 2013 to May 2015 ). I don’t live near a store so would need to travel to pick one up but seems like it would be worthwhile.

    • portia September 19, 2015

      I think they do still come up from time to time Susie. I know Lidl in Germany had some on special a few months back. I guess it’s just a question on signing up for the retailer’s newsletter or keeping an eye on their website.

      • Susie September 19, 2015

        Oh, that’s great news. Makes me feel hopeful about maybe getting one. Keeping my fingers crossed . . . . . . . . .

        • Helen October 10, 2015

          In case you haven’t heard, “Get Creative” week at Lidl starts this Monday (12 Oct 2015). I saw the ad on tv. Found this blog googling the overlocker to see if it was any good!

        • Sarah October 11, 2015

          Just in case you’ve ticked to be notified of follow-ups, this deal starts tomorrow in Lidl £129.

  21. Annie October 11, 2015

    These will be on sale again this week!

  22. Jade October 12, 2015

    They have this offer on again today!! Just bought mine 🙂

    • Helen October 12, 2015

      Got mine too 🙂 I got there before 9 and there was only one available! and there was a guy looking for the sewing machines and you could tell he didn’t have a clue what he was doing heh. Must’ve been sent by the wife.


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