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Having just completed my first ever pair of from scratch trousers; which also happened to include my first ever fly front zip; I have been perusing the interweb (thanks for your recommendations for tutorials, btw. Some of which are included here 😉 in a bid to improve on my first attempt at a fly front. (It was OK, but not great;). The method detailed in my pattern was, from what I can gather, the “proper” method. That is to say, one where the fly components are cut as seperate pieces. Fuddled my brain a bit if I’m honest! But wait! There is another method; Hurrah!! And one which appeals to my simplistic brain and lazy gal inclinations rather more than the method I just tried. That’s the method I’ll be trying next I think! So, I thought I’d share what I found here with you. Some of these tutes feature the method with the seperate fly pieces, some feature the “easier” (in my humble opinion) method that involves the fly sections being merely extensions of the front pattern pieces:

Top Row: Grainline;   Lladybird;  Stitches & Seams.
Bottom Row: Fashion Sewing Blog;  Coletterie;  Sandra Betzina

Do sewers fall into two distinct camps I wonder? One side favouring the “proper” method and the rest opting for the “easy” way out, lol?! To my mind, there’s more than one way to skin a cat and whatever gets me the best result (preferably with the least amount of swearing) get’s my vote!

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  1. Lucy Legget July 15, 2013

    Oh I think that’s the end of my procrastination. Have been putting off the fly front trousers for months now but you’ve just blown all my excuses out of the window! Thank you, that’s fab.

  2. dannyscotland July 15, 2013

    Easy is always better!!

  3. twotoast July 15, 2013

    Thanks for the links – I have yet to make a pair of fly front trousers as I am only good at putting in invisible zips. Maybe it is time to take the plunge?!

    I like the idea of ‘more than one wasy to skin a cat’. I enjoy making dress shirts for my Mister and they have cut on facings with no interfacing. Apparently that is the ‘correct way’ for men’s shirts . . . . and then I cut out a top for myself with separate facings, iron on interfacing etc, etc, etc!

  4. lisa g. July 16, 2013

    i’m firmly in the “proper” fly category! i find the “easy” way confusing, actually… i could never tell what was happening until it was all over.

  5. DressUpNotDown July 16, 2013

    Least amount of swearing is the way to go! :o)



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