DIY: Bugle Bead Fringe Torque/Necklace

This is the first of two necklaces I made as part of The Refashioners 2013. I have shed loads of these black glass bugle beads left so don’t be surprised if a few more makes crop up over time! Bugles lend themselves brilliantly to fringing and are kind of synonymous with the whole 20’s vibe (think flapper dresses and The Great Gatsby) and I really like the contrast of silver and black. I also really like the look of torque necklaces, but always find they sit a bit funny on the collar bone. Of course, I’ve probably got weird collar bones! But in any case, I decided to try making a “1/2 torque” with a chain extender. And hey presto, it sits rather nicely! Here’s what I did…

In addition to the black bugle beads I used some silver ball head pins and tiny silver spacer beads. I threaded the bugle beads and spacer beans onto the head pins and finished with a loop…

Next take a length of medium gauge jewellery wire and shape around a round object….

Thread on your bugle fringe lengths, interspersed with more of the silver spacer beads…

Finish the ends of the torque with loops and add your chain….

And there you have it!

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  1. joellestlaurent June 19, 2013

    this is super cute and easy! hmmm should i dig out my jewellery supplies?

  2. EmSewCrazy June 19, 2013

    This is very pretty and classy looking!

  3. Sam June 19, 2013

    This is fab! I have trouble with full torque necklaces laying right, this is a great solution.

  4. I have never figured out a nice way to use bugle beads in jewellery, this is such an elegant design! Shows of the beads beautifully <3
    Sammy xxx

  5. Cecilia June 22, 2013

    beautiful necklace! πŸ™‚ I saved to my pinterest, to be done soon πŸ™‚

  6. Ali June 22, 2013

    De lurking to say fab necklace. Will def have a go with some bugle beads in my stash.

    I’ve recently come back to sewing but I love taking something unloved and turning it into something fabulous rather than using new fabric. Love your blog for inspiration and have especially loved your Refashioners challenge.


  7. Carmen June 22, 2013

    So cute!

  8. Tabet June 24, 2013

    this is a great DIY! Love it.

  9. CREATIVE MIND June 26, 2013


  10. Trophy June 27, 2013

    It is also a wonderful accessory to any outfit, so you often find many people who wear the same piece everyday. These statement pieces often become identifiable with the wearer.

  11. kris tayls May 28, 2014

    Hi, where did you buy your jewellery wire from and what pliers did you use for your end loops? Thanks.

  12. Rick July 31, 2015


    Very lovely piece. I noticed that there is a bead on each end of the bugle elements. Did you crimp each end of the elements and then use a crimp cover to hold them in place or are they actual silver beads and is everything totally free floating (can the elements slide up to the ends of the wire)?


    • portia July 31, 2015

      Hi Rick! Thank you so much πŸ™‚ I used headpins for the drops and yes everything is free floating πŸ™‚ Px

      • Rick August 4, 2015

        Thanks Portia! Again, very lovely


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