DIY: Planner (Part 2) The Printable Planner Pages (inc Free Download)

…and so we arrive at the point where we get down and dirty with a printer, a guillotine and a hole punch! These are the Free Printable Planner pages. Ready to download whenever you are and completely editable (so if you find this post 2 years down the line you can still just change the dates!). All of these pages will print onto A4 or, as pictured below, A5.

A simple Year to View….

Month to View

Week to View

pages for the list makers among you

…which could be edited for anything just by changing the title….like this for my fellow bloggers!

Editing Options:

I’ve provided these pages as editable Word documents. (In theory they should work in Open  Office but may be a bit glitchy. Let me know!) Essentially they’re created using the “table” function in Word and then all the individual rows, columns and cells have been formatted to create what you see before you. The entire thing is editable. But presuming you’re happy with the overall layout then the 2 main things that you’re likely to want to edit/customise will be:

  1. The dates in each cell. You’ll need to change those to create a set of pages for each month/week I’m afraid. It doesn’t take that long really. I just sat there watching the telly while I was doing mine. Alternatively you could delete out all the dates, print blank ones and fill them out by hand. Obviously the boxes that are blocked out in colour will change according to the way the dates fall in each month
  2. The colours, the font size/style/colour, and the position of the text within each cell. You might choose to have your date numbers on the right of each box/cell for instance.
I’ve highlighted in the screenshot below, the menus where all these changes can be made. But if you get stuck, email me 🙂

Printing Options:

The files provided will print automatically onto A4. If you want A5 size then simply select the “2 pages per sheet” option when your printer dialogue box pops up. Be sure to print with “no scaling” just as you would when printing a pdf pattern 😉 Your printer will then print both the left and right hand pages onto one A4 sheet that will then need to be sliced down the middle. More on that in a minute!

But what about the blanks on the reverse of my printed planner pages you may ask? Well, you could leave them blank so that between each week you have two blank pages for notes/sketches etc. Or you could feed your printed planner pages back into your printer, back to front, and print the “Notes/To Do” or “Blog Ideas” pages on the back of them; which is what I’ve done and it works really well for me.

Cutting and Punching your Planner pages:

If you’ve printed on A4 for a large size planner, then obviously no cutting is required. If you’ve printed your pages 2 to a sheet for A5 then they’ll need to be sliced down the middle to give you your individual pages. I took mine into my local copy shop and asked very nicely if I could use their industrial guillotine. (I offered to put a donation into their charity box, which I think meant they couldn’t say no!) It meant I could cut more pages and cut them more evenly. The ones you can see sticking out below are the ones I tried to cut at home with my dinky paper guillotine that cuts about 2 pages at a time and has no paper size guide to line it up. Nuff said!

For punching the holes, if you’ve got a 4 hole punch that matches the dimensions of your rings (or you local copy shop does ;), great. If not, you could do what I did. Create a little card template, and lay it on top of your pages to show you where to punch the holes using a single hole punch.

Important: Each week/month/year (and indeed notes/blog ideas pages) will have a left hand page and a right hand page. Before you punch your holes, you’ll need to make sure that all the edges that need to be punched are aligned ontop of each other. So I’d recommend sorting all your left hand pages into one pile; and all your right hand pages into another. The left hand pages will need holes punched on the right edge; and the right hand pages will need holes punched on the left hand edge. Make sense? Scroll up to the page images at the top to see what I mean!

Assembling the planner:

Your pages will probably have got a bit mixed up during the cutting and hole punching process. I’m afraid I haven’t worked out a way around this. It’s simply a question of matching up your left hand pages with your right hand pages and inserting them into your planner like so…

…and there you have it. Your very own handmade leather planner with customised planner pages!!

Other Options:

  • Use a different fabric. Wool, denim, felt, linen? All would work equally well with this design.
  • Embroider or appliqué your binder to personalise it even more.
  • Add a pen loop (I forgot!) or stitch some pockets into the lining.
  • Use a different fastening. Press stud, button hole, magnetic closure, velcro, fabric ties, a buckle…
  • Choose some different planner pages. These are good (I originally planned to use them myself but they just didn’t work in A5) or you could just google “free printable planner” and have a root around. There’re some great free downloads out there. Even one that offers filofax compatible free printables

Happy planning!! (Any questions or problems with the download/editing pages etc….just drop me an email)

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  1. Donna Hensley May 1, 2013

    This is awesome!!

  2. jnynz May 10, 2013

    What an awesome planner, thank you for the instructions!

  3. Anonymous June 1, 2013

    Simple n humble but so nice! 🙂 Thank You So Much!

  4. Anonymous September 9, 2013

    Thank you for telling us what program you used, and that you used tables to make it. I wish the other talented designers i come across would do the same. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Terri January 7, 2015

    Hi there, do you have any times on formatting these for a5? I’m trying to do it now and it’s a bit of a disaster.

    • Portia Lawrie January 7, 2015

      Hi Terri….printing options are included in the post. I just print mine on tge “2 per page” setting which will automatically reduce them down to A5 size. Make sure you set page orientation to landscape in your printer options if yours doesnt do it automatically. ..Px


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