FO: Electric Blue Kimono Tee

A friend of mine asked me recently if it wasn’t time I made something other than kimono tees. (Cheeky she is that one!) Well, yes it probably is. But then again…when these are so quick and easy to whip up; and I’m mindful of how rapidly MMM’13 is approaching…well…you had to know more of these were going to pop up! I’m really feeling the electric blue thing recently. Not a colour I’ve really worn much before but aside from this make, I’ve recently acquired a couple of jumpers in this colour. Totally subconsciously. Do you ever find that? A colour just starts creeping it’s way into your wardrobe/fabric stash and it takes you a while to notice?

This fabric came from a “craft jumble”. An annual event held at our local village hall in aid of Essex Air Ambulance. It really is a thing to behold. People queuing at the door, trestle tables piled high with fabrics, wools, and all manner of haberdashery and craft items at amazing prices. The fabulous ladies who organise this event spend all year taking in donations and meticulously measuring, bagging, and pricing everything up for the sale, held every March. I went along with a (lovely and hilarious) friend from my dressmaking course and we both came away with metres and metres of fabric. This cotton cost me £1.50 for a little under 3m of fabric. (I have enough left for another make…maybe a maxi skirt…I’m not sure yet). With prices like that, it won’t surprise anyone to hear that it’s a bit of a scrum when you get in there! But hey, for fabric bargains like this a few elbows in the ribs is a small price to pay! (Not me of course…I would never indulge in that kind of behaviour..I’m far too polite 😉

I’ve never come across an event like this before. Sure, jumble sales are ten a penny. But one aimed at stitchers and knitters specifically?  I’d love to hear from you if you have an event like this near you? Surely this can’t be a phenomenon unique to our village hall? Can it?

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  1. Sabs May 1, 2013

    That’s a really great colour, I’m so jealous! Whereabouts is this craft jumble? My in laws live just outside Exeter…maybe I could organise a visit next year!

    • Sabs May 1, 2013

      I feel a bit stupid – I’ve just reread your post and realised you put Essex not Exeter!!

  2. Helen Le Caplain May 1, 2013

    A crafty jumble sale? What a great idea! I’ve not heard of any in my neck of the woods (North West) but it seems someone’s missing a trick!

    Ps. I love the kimono tops! 🙂

  3. Laura Arhire May 1, 2013

    I do the color thing too. I ended up with a closed full of teal & azure clothes. I like the color on your new kimono tee very much!

  4. Kestrel May 1, 2013

    That is gorgeous, what a great colour. Haven’t been to a jumble sale for years, never seem to find out about them, sadly.

  5. Kimono tees are the best. Thinking of sewing up at least one to plump up my MMM’13 options as well…
    This colour looks lovely on you, fab with your hair.

  6. CTpat May 1, 2013

    No, there is nothing like that in my neck of the woods. I would love to have something like that where I live. I can’t even find someone who sews, knits or crochets. What could these people possibly do with their time?

  7. Helen May 1, 2013

    Nothing like your jumble sale round here, but maybe it’s not really a city thing? You certainly would never get prices like that in Edinburgh!

    And re colours, yes! I’ve just come to realise that I’m totally obsessed with coral! It’s even infiltrated my make up bag (lips and nails – I don’t think orange eyeshadow would be a good look!)!


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