DIY: Applique Cushions (Part 2)

Ok, so now for the easy part 🙂 Assembling a simple envelope cushion. Envelope cushions are super simple and there are countless tutorials out there, and if you have any experience of home sewing you probably know how to do this already. But just in case you don’t, and because hey, I  had the pictures, and like to feel that I’ve covered everything in my tutes….here it is….

The first thing you need to do is measure your cushion pad. Mine was 16″ x 16″. Now, for purists; draw a 16″ x 16″ square on some paper, then add your desired seam allowance all the way around that. Then draw a rectangle 16″ x 11″, and add your desired seam allowance around that too. However, I’m not a purist. I kinda like to play around with the rules a bit (much to the frustration of numerous past employers 😉 I wanted my cushion to be really firm and puffy and for the pad to completely “stuff” the cushion cover. So I opted to cut my template WITHOUT seam allowance and sew a very narrow seam. This worked fine for me and I know that over time and use the cover’s never going to get “baggy” as the cushion pad inside becomes less puffy…..

Cut 1 front section (and applique as in Part 1 or embellish as you see fit) and cut 2 of the back section from your fabric…

Finish  raw edges of all 3 pieces as you see fit. I opted for a simple zig zag right on the edges…

On both back pieces, turn and sew a 5/8″ hem on one of the long edges. Make sure you turn it under to the wrong side of the fabric…obvs I know….but just in case!)…

With cushion front right side up, lay the fir back piece right side down/wrong side up on top of the front piece; lining up all edges….

Lay the second back piece right side down along the opposite edge. Pin and sew all the way around. I sewed a really narrow (approx 4/8″) hem….

It’s pretty much as simple as that EXCEPT where your 2 back pieces overlap. This is going to be a point of strain when taking the cushion pad in and out for washing. I’d recommend back stitching across this area on both sides (ie between the 2 arrows in the pic which in this case is approx 2″)….

Then turn right side out and stuff with your cushion pad!

Now, I forgot to take a pic of the back before I sent them off to the shop to be sold….(sorry!) so if you’re unfamiliar with how an envelope cushion works (I’m pretty sure you do, but just in case) check out the end of this video!

DIY: Applique Cushions – Part 1

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  1. So cute!

  2. chabela April 26, 2013

    I loved them.. they will be my next project.


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