DIY: Candy Set

Now, before I launch into this “how to” I have one word for you.  Buttons.  I once made a version of this using old vintage buttons and crystal drops. (Long since lost sadly) So if you have a healthy button stash at home you could create the perfect sewist themed accessory using the same process!

This is another one of the items I made when I was challenged to remake a bag of cheapo costume jewelry into something a bit more, well, tasteful, I guess! I’s a simple way to jazz up a plain chain necklace or bracelet…..A beady charm bracelet and matching necklace. I think it turned out cute, at least….

You will need:

1) Open up your jump ring and slip on a bead (or button!) (To open a jump ring, grip it on both sides with pliers so the opening is in between your sets of pliers. Then simultaneously move one set of pliers away from you and the other set of pliers towards you. This opens up the jump ring without distorting it’s circular shape. If you try and prise it open left to right, it’ll get all bent out of shape. Just tellin’ ya!)
2) Slip on a link of your chain
3) Close up your jump ring (as for opening but reversed 🙂
4) Keep adding beads/buttons in this way; alternating from left to right. So if you lay your chain flat as I have, the 1st bead is added to the right side of the 1st link. The 2nd bead is added to the left side of the 2nd link, the 3rd bead is added to the right side of the 3rd link and so on. (This creates that “cascading” effect in the finished piece rather than having all the bead hanhing side by side from the base of the chain when you wear it)
5) If you want to add in some bead drops then you can make some using headpins. (Se how to here)
6) Add them to your chain, alternating in the same way as you did before.

Now go raid your button stash!  😉

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  1. Marie March 8, 2013

    Fantastic outcome and it looks like a lot of fun to make too!

  2. Melissa March 8, 2013

    Oh – but I want to see the button version!!

  3. tina March 25, 2013

    great tutorial!

  4. Wendy March 26, 2013

    so sweet, thanks for sharing!


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