Adding a Simple Cuff to a Sleeve….

Firstly some apologies. This post was meant to go out over a week ago. But here at home we seem to have been visited by every bug going. The winter vomiting bug, flu and chest infections. All of which has meant a few weeks of broken sleep culminating in feeling like we’ve been hit by a train. I finally conceded defeat last week and got some antibiotics from the doctor. So apologies for the delay in posting this.
Secondly the quality of these photos isn’t great. The only windows in my summerhouse are north facing. So even in the summer natural light is at a premium. At this time of year? Well the graininess of these photos says it all! In addition to all that, there have been some developments on the TV front that have taken up some of my time. (More on that in another post!)
Anyhow, back to the business in hand! Simple and cute little turn up cuffs and how easy it is to do them. I used them on this refashioned top recently. It’s a technique that could be applied to an existing garment or one that you make from scratch; and is a neat little way of adding a bit of detail to a plain garment…

1. Begin by measuring the circumference of your sleeve. You can measure all the way round OR, if your sleeve is the same size front and back (as mine is), laid flat, measure seam to seam and then double the measurement. Then decide how wide you want your cuff to be.
2. Make a simple rectangular pattern piece as follows: Length =  Sleeve circumference + seam allowance on both sides. Width = Desired width of cuff x 2 + seam allowance on both edges.
3. Pin to fabric and cut out.
4. You’ll need 2 obviously!

5. Right sides together, sew the ends together to form a loop. Press seam allowances open, then trim excess seam allowance.
6. Fold in half along the length, wrong sides together and lining up the raw edges. Press.

7. With the garment inside out and lining up the seam of your cuff with the underarm seam of your sleeve; pin the raw edge of the cuff to the raw edge of your sleeve.
8. Stitch cuff to sleeve according to your seam allowance.
9. Turn cuff through to the right side of your garment and press. Understitch seam allowance to sleeve. Trim excess seam allowance away.
10. I used a zig zag stitch to understitch my seam allowance. Understitching and finishing off my raw edges in one go. Then “anchor” the cuff in place with a couple of strategic slip stitches. I place a couple of stitches on the underarm seam; and used a button to anchor the cuff in place on the top side.

If you are drafting your cuff pattern from an actual tissue pattern (as opposed to adding them to an existing garment) then simply measure the width of the front and back sleeve pieces and add these measurements together to get the length of your cuff pattern piece. No need to add seam allowance either side of the length, as this will have already been included in the measurements you took from your existing pattern. So there you have it. Simple and cute turn up cuffs. Easy peasy!

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  1. Jacq C November 26, 2012

    Sorry to hear you’ve all been so poorly. Thank you for the tutorial, I loved this top when you posted it and have it on my To Do List. 🙂

  2. Marie November 26, 2012

    This is brilliant Portia, thanks so much for sharing! Sorry to hear you’ve been a poorly bunch, hope you’re all feeling much better now!xx

  3. MrsC (Maryanne) November 27, 2012

    Sounds exciting; developments! Me too, did my first TV segment last week, shown Monday on national morning TV. It’s a start anyway 🙂 Dying to hear how yours is going too!


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