Quick DIY: Quarry Tile Coasters

Having spent a not insignificant amount of time recently, handpainting furniture, I’ve become rather conscious of hot drinks (actually ANY drinks) making rings on my lovely paint finish. Time for some coasters…..

I picked up a couple of creamy/chalky quarry style tiles from the clearance section at B&Q for 50p each for this project 🙂 But already I’m planning on keeping my thrifting radar on alert for some handmade/vintage tiles with a bit of quirk and uniqueness so I can make some more. These could even make a cute little gift made from some pretty vintage tiles and tied with some great ribbon or twine. Super quick and easy…

1) You’ll need a tile(s), felt, masking tape and some suitable spray adhesive
2) Mask the edges of the tiles to avoid getting spray adhesive on the outside edge
3) Line the tape up with the bottom edge leaving just the base exposed
4) Spray the bottoms of the tiles with adhesive, place base down on the felt and weight down. Leave to dry.
5) Remove masking tape, trim excess felt around the tile with a craft knife and you’re done

These look great teamed with our newly painted bedside tables and I don’t have to panic about where to put my morning coffee if I’m luck enough to get brought one…(sometimes it happens peops!). I’m gonna be looking out for some glazed vintage/retro tiles to make a set for the lounge too.

Do you like our new lounge wallpaper btw?

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