Oooh She’s Cheap # 3 – Contemporary plant displays

As part of our push to add some decorative detail to our blank canvas of a home, I wanted to include some life in terms of houseplants. Now I’m ok in the garden but when it comes to houseplants I have a track record of killing them off in a very short space of time. Succulents, I’m assured by online guides, are very forgiving  plants and virtually indestructible. Well that remains to be seen. But they are super pretty and come in some very interesting forms, shapes and colours. I like the way they look in sleek and simple contemporary containers. Here’s some I found online from BHS of all places! Cute huh?

Well, as you know, I’m not one to shop on the High Street when I think I can save money by shopping elsewhere and come up with a cheaper DIY alternative. Well, whilst we were on holiday in the Isle of Wight I came across this little group of miniature succulents on a charity plant stall at just £1 each. While J rolled his eyes when he saw me trapsing back to the car with a tray of plants (he had that “why can’t you just buy a fridge magnet like a normal person” look on his face) I had plans for these little babies….

With some ceramic pots from my local charity shop at 50p each, and some white aquarium gravel as top dressing (£4 for 2kg from a nearby aquatics centre so I have LOADS left), I’m rather pleased with the result AND they cost a fraction of what I would have paid on the High Street…

Now I know they’re a little smaller than the High St alternative, but given time I’m hopeful that they’ll grow into a super display….Hmmm….does checking them every few hours make them grow any faster?!
The one in the square planter was super tricky to repot. The leaves are really delicate and kept snapping off! I’m hoping it will rejuvenate itself in time. Anyone out there got any knowledge of succulents? I’ve given them plenty of drainage underneath and a specialist compost to give them the best chance of thriving. I really don’t want to kill these off!

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  1. MrsC August 21, 2012

    Portia those star shaped succulents are the cockroaches of the plant world. It will survive you busting it, and send out shoots and recreate itself. I think it is gorgeous and you have to admire that tenacity!
    Awesome DIY creativity. Er, any news about the Opportunity, btw? 🙂

  2. joellestlaurent August 21, 2012

    I love succulents too, they are just so cool. My flat would also be filled with them if I had not my boyfriend who takes care of all the plants, including some beautiful orchids. Coz I just kill all plants, and he’s just great like that!

  3. Mad August 23, 2012

    I always manage to kill the sort of succulent that looks like little spotted bums (they seem to deflate for no apparent reason) but all my others have thrived without much attention.


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