Getting my house in Order # 4 – Making Progress

Hooray, we’ve finished the “main” stuff in the lounge! The aim was to go for a blend of neutral tones and whilst I loved the colour of this dark wood unit, J was adamant he wanted it much lighter. I can see his point I guess. Our lounge is not particularly big and darker colours can close the room up in theory. So this was my first job. The veneer was real wood so it was easy enough to sand and took the paint well. I opted to line the insides with my bargain Laura Ashley wallpaper to save me having to paint the insides as well. (It doesn’t actually match the room scheme but as the inside is only visible when you open the doors, I wasn’t too worried about that. The unit itself was easy enough. The glazed doors were a bit of a pig if I’m honest! This job took me several days, as the unit is around 6ft long and it took 3 coats of primer, and 3 layers of topcoat because it was so dark to begin with…..

Here’s the finished unit. I was sooooo glad to get this one finished…….

Next up was the actual decorating. I painted the ceiling and coving as J has pretty nasty rheumatoid arthritis and painting the ceiling would have been far too painful for him. Pig of a job too! Painting white emulsion on an already white (textured, ugh!!!) ceiling was tricky. Difficult to see where you’ve been and as it dries it looks as if you’ve missed patches everywhere. Add in my dislike of teetering on stools and it’s a recipe for much swearing. I’ve actually concluded that I do not like decorating! Luckily J was able to take over the painting of the walls and woodwork AND hanging the wallpaper….

What a hero! I think he’s done a great job and we’re really pleased with the finished effect….

AND, not to be left out…

Throughout the past few weeks my Summerhouse (aka my sewing space) has become a dumping ground for various paints and tools and bits of furniture. It was starting to grate on my nerves to the point where I thought it might be months before I’d ever get any sewing done again. If ever! Ok, maybe a bit melodramatic. But I am seriously having stitching withdrawal. Seriously! I’m getting agitated and snappy and everything! Not good. Something had to be done to calm my frayed nerves. So I set about overhauling my sewing space; and it’s turned into something of a mission. It is so transformed in fact that I might actually finally get around to sharing a little tour of my space on this blog at last 😉 Here’s one project I finished up the other day. Some tatty shelving from a now defunct Billy bookcase. A fresh coat of paint on the top and then tarted up with some wallpaper underneath after I saw this idea on Apartment Therapy (I love that site! I mean, who DOESN’T love a nosey round other peoples houses?!)….

Anyhow, I’m off to sort through my fabric and pattern stash. Purging I am peops. PUUUUURGING!

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  1. Reverse Clothing August 22, 2012

    That wallpaper is gorgeous!

  2. Marie August 23, 2012

    You are on such a roll Portia and the unit looks stunning…love the wallpaper idea to line the insides too!


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