MMM ’12 – Weeks 3 – 4

To be honest, the last week and a half of Me Made May saw me running around like a blue arsed fly with no inclination whatsoever to take any photographs. So I struck on the idea of using the previous couple of week’s photos as my own personal gallery of outfit options. Each day I would flick through, pick an outfit I’d already photographed and wear that for the day. Thereby dispensing with the necessity to take further photos! Ha! Take that you pesky self photography demon!! Of course, I have had my hair cut and coloured since the start of May so it looks as if my hair has miraculously grown back overnight, but you get the gist!

Monday: Navy refashioned top and blue refashioned trousers
Tuesday: Self drafted Geometric top  Trousers – Thrifted
Wednesday: Thrifted stripe top  and Cropped Jeans

Monday tuesday wednesday

Thursday: Denim Shirt – Thrifted (99p) and refashioned Trousers
Friday: Self Drafted Coral Top and  Cropped Jeans
SaturdayGrey Polka top – Self drafted thrifted Flared Jeans

thursday friday saturday

Monday: (Freshly dyed hair!) Thrifted Cashmere Sweater and Blue Trousers
Tuesday: Self drafted Coral Top and  Bleached Jeans (not blogged)
Wednesday: (no photo) Plaid Shirt and Cropped Tan Jeans
Thursday: (no photo) Geometric Self Drafted Top and thrifted Navy Trousers
Friday: No photo and can’t remember!!
Saturday: Newly thrifted Polka Dot Blouse (£1.50) and refashioned Trousers (and the obligatory summer bob cut)

Monday tuesday saturday

Sunday: (Hot day! Yay!!!) Newly thrifted Silk Jersey Top (£1.50) and refashioned Cropped Jeans
Monday: Refashioned Top and Refashioned Trousers
Tuesday: Can’t remember!
Wednesday: Thrifted Top and refashioned Cropped Jeans
Thursday: This outfit

sunday monday saturday

So that was that! I managed to wear MM garments every day and at least half of those were entirely MM. Yay!! I did it! What I’ve noticed is that I rely heavily on cropped narrow leg trousers. Thoe tan cropped jeans being used in HEAVY rotation. I need a couple more pairs in different colours. I have a purple pair lined up for refashioning and a white pair that I intend to refashion and dye a dove grey colour, or maybe lavender if I’m feeling brave!! I’d forgotten how much I like that navy refashioned top. So I’m on the lookout for more skirts to refashion into tops and hopefully replicate  it in a few more colours/patterns. It really is so easy to throw on and feel instantly fab in. My geometric and grey polka tops are good wardrobe staples too. Both made from the same SUPER simple self drafted pattern. So a couple more of those wouldn’t go amiss. Of course, my button back top still needs some tweaking and once I’ve done that, hopefully I’ll be able to add a raft of those to my Me Made arsenal too. Overall, this challenge was my easiest to date (apart from the photography part!!). A sure sign that MM items are gradually taking over my wardrobe!

How about you? Has MMM 12 left you with a long list of projects? Has it helped you realise how far you’ve come? Hope so!

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  1. Marie June 3, 2012

    Clever ducky! I love how you beat the challenge, but without actually cheating…excellent thinking!!! I think your outfits are all fab, I wish I could pull off cropped trousers that well!

  2. House of Pinheiro June 3, 2012

    Portia, what a great idea.. I found taking the photos quite hard. I will reminder that trick next challenge. Beautiful outfits, very casual chic. My fav is the geometric top x

  3. Scruffybadger June 7, 2012

    You’ve got a lovely style Miss P, & it’s wonderful to see that you continue to refashion & refashion again (& actually wear them too!) A great match to your made from scratches too.


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