Me Made May – 1 Week down!

So, Me Made May 2012 is well under way and I’ve been enjoying seeing everyones outfits. Both on their blogs and in the Flickr group. I sympathise wholly with lighting woes expressed by fellow Brit bloggers due the relentlessly grey and wet weather AND I totally relate to those that find “self photography” the only part of the MM challenge that isn’t fun! You’ll notice in my pics I generally can’t bring myself to look at the camera. Heck, on Wednesday I look like a sulky teenager avoiding eye contact whilst being told off. The weird thing is, anyone that knows me IRL, will tell you I’m a pretty direct  and seemingly confident person. I’ll always maintain eye contact when I’m speaking to someone. I just hate having my picture taken. Always have. It’s the one aspect of writing a sewing related blog that I’m not entirely comfortable with. But I try! (on Sunday I gave myself a day off from photos, as I already had a photo of the exact outfit I was wearing, ha ha!) Anyway, I felt some explanation, nay, apology (!) was in order for the plonkeresque nature of my “poses” before getting on with the business of  outfits…

Tuesday: Grey top- Self drafted (fabric £4/m),  Cropped Jeans – Thrifted (£3) and refashioned.
Wednesday: Striped Tee- Refashioned (not blogged), Trousers – Thrifted (£1.50) and refashioned.
Thursday: Vintage plaid shirt – Thrifted (99p), Trousers – Thrifted (£1.50) and refashioned.

Tuesday wednesday thursday

Friday: White Blouse – Thrifted (99p), Trousers – Thrifted (£2) and refashioned
Saturday Geometric Print Top – Self drafted (fabric £2), Flared Jeans – thrifted (£4)
Sunday– Denim Shirt – Thrifted (£1.50) and refashioned, Cropped Jeans – thrifted (£3) and refashioned

friday saturday sunday

So, what have I gleaned so far? The last 3 outfits I like. Saturday and Sunday being the most flattering on me shape wise. Tuesday’s is ok. The shapes are good I think, but the fabric of the top looks too drapey. Not something I noticed whilst wearing it so self photography has it’s benefits! I’m feeling a wee bit ho hum about my sky blue cropped trousers (Weds/Thurs) I LOVE my blue cropped trousers but they look odd in both photos. Possibly I narrowed them too much at the ankle. I’m hoping it’s just the camera angle. Usually I only wear my plaid shirt (Thurs) with my flared jeans (Saturday) which is a combo that I think works well enough. But worn with those blue trousers? Well it’s not a combo I shall be repeating!
So onwards and upwards. I desperately need to do some laundry (or some speedy sewing)!!!
Take care

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  1. Kestrel May 7, 2012

    I love your outfits, so simple and classic.

    I’m with you on the photo thing – every time the camera button gets pressed I end up doing something weird with my face. At least my husband enjoys laughing at all my weird photo faces!

    • Miss P May 7, 2012

      Kestrel, I would say the same about the styles you select too 🙂
      I wouldn’t even let my OH take photos of me, ha ha!

  2. Annabelle May 7, 2012

    Saturday and Sunday were my favorite outfit posts of yours as well, with Saturday being my very favorite. The vintage plaid shirt looks great on you, but I can see it working better with another pair of pants.

    I wonder if it is the camera angle, but your pants from Friday look much too large for you – your tiny frame is completely swallowed up by them.

    • Miss P May 7, 2012

      Annabelle I LOVE YOU 🙂 My frame is unfortunaely far from tiny. I’m a UK 14-16 depending on what I’ve been eating and other factors! I know what you mean about the khaki trousers. They tend to drop down onto my hips and look a little slouchy, which I actually don’t mind when I’m in a slouchy mood 🙂 It’s an interesting excercise; looking at photos objectively though, to gauge what suits and what doesn’t. Thanks for the input I really appreciate it. At least I’m wearing more colour now, which if I recall, was another of your observations I took on board from a previous Me Made challenge 🙂

  3. Gillian May 7, 2012

    You don’t like your Thursday outfit? I think it’s adorable, and really flattering! 🙂

  4. snippa May 7, 2012

    A really great set of outfits. I’d especially like a version of Saturday for myself – I fancy a change from skinny jeans.
    The photos show the clothes off well. I would say thoughtful – with two teenagers of my own and a job in a secondary school I should recognise a sulk when I see one!

  5. Marie May 7, 2012

    Portia, Portia, Portia…I don’t know what you see, but Thursday’s outfit immediately stood out to me for being super flattering! I honestly think it’s one of the best, though they’re all pretty smashing! Anyway, just thought I’d chip in with my thoughts ;o)

  6. Donna May 8, 2012

    I, too, quite like Thursday’s outfit!

  7. Stitchandwitter May 8, 2012

    Great round up Portia – gorgeous muted colours and tones and a real sense of classic laidback style. Also agree with Marie that Thursday is super-cute although my personal fave is Sunday.

  8. Paunnet May 10, 2012

    I’m with the Thursday fans, but I do love every single outfit!


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