Top Draftalong – The fun stuff! Some initial thoughts…

It’s been a while! When last we discussed the Top Draftalong, I’d finally finished all that fitting malarkey (Hurrah!) and traced my pattern onto card to create my block. (Where are you at?) So I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on the first round of actual drafting. The fun part! First of all, excuse the quality of these sketches. They’re just some roughs I threw down on paper while Elliott was busy in the ball pit at our local indoor play centre. Part of my multi tasking/fitting it all in plan 😉

I’ve opted to keep it simple (baby steps!) and with summer and Me Made May on the horizon, (I’m still pondering that one) some simple lightweight tops in a nice drapey fabric, will fit the bill just nicely.

Style 1
Sleeveless, slightly flared/A line top with bust darts, scoop neck to front, lower scoop neck to back. Graduated hemline, scoops up at the front and down at the back (no builders bum!) and maybe a button back…

Style 2
Slightly flared/A line top with bust darts, bateau neck to front and back. Kimono sleeves. Hemline scoops up at the front and down at the back and maybe a button back…

Style 3
Gently fitted top with bust darts, Peter Pan collar, kimono sleeves and maybe a button back…

My thinking is that the kimono sleeve is a great first foray into self drafting as it is drafted as a simple extension of the shoulder line rather than a seperate pattern piece. A little like the self drafted top tutorial I posted a while ago. Plus it’s one of my personal faves. A good alternative to a sleeveless top if, like me, you’re a little self conscious of your upper arms being on show. I’m a big fan of button backs but have steered clear of them on commercial patterns in the past because of my sway back issues. But since I’ve now fixed that on my toile/block, I’m hoping I can sucessfully revisit the idea. The button back will involve drafting facings, so while we’re at it we may as well go down the route of learning to draft the neckline facings too. I’m thinking for the first round of drafting, a combo of styles 1 & 2. Anyone wanting a sleeveless top can skip the kimono sleeve drafting. Similarly, anyone wanting a plain backed garment can skip the drafting of the button placket. Then for the second round perhaps we can move onto style 3 and drafting the collar.
What say you? Any thoughts or preferences peops?

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  1. Jo April 11, 2012

    Hello! Reading your blog for the first time (found you through Betty Blue Eyes Vintage). You have a lovely blog! I used to live just off Goldhawk Road in Shepherd’s Bush and loved taking hours going through all the beautiful fabrics along there. As for your sketches – I would honestly wear all these styles, but I particularly love the vest. Love the idea of the front sitting on the waist with the back hanging down lower. And I love the buttons on the back. In fact, can I just have one now please?!

  2. Miss P April 12, 2012

    What a lovely message Jo, thanks! Oh and nice to meet you 🙂 I like tops slightly longer at the back too. Apart from being a nice aesthetic, I can bend down to pick my toddler up without having my top ride up and “flash the flesh”!! One of the upsides to self drafting I guess. Designing clothing that meets your needs, yay!

  3. Scruffybadger April 15, 2012

    Hey great idea, the kimono sleeve drafting – I think that would be a great start for me too. I’m thinking kimono, back button with perhaps a bateau neck possibly with a roll collar (a la 60s). Now I may rescind all of this, but that would suit some horizontal stripe fabric that I have …


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