Squeezing in some crafting…

Over the past few weeks I have found my “creative time” gradually eroded. Elliott has dropped his afternoon naps. So there goes an 1-2 hours each afternoon when I used to be able to escape to my summer house for my regular sewing fix. (Yikes! that’s 7-14 hours each week!). He is waking at the crack of dawn now as the sun is rising earlier and the dawn chorus is reaching epic proportions. He is pretty relentless from the moment he wakes to the moment he eventually goes to sleep. By which time I am too exhausted to go out to the summer house and even contemplate sewing. Sigh…So I am contenting myself with short bursts of crafting when I can squeeze it in…namely exploring leather and suede as a crafting material…

You may have already caught my first post for an easy peasy DIY gadget case. These are the trousers I thrifted for £1 along with some leather and “pleather” scraps for 50p from a local craft jumble in aid of the local Air Ambulance…..

This is the scene of devestation free flow creativity on my sewing table. Jewelry and leather scraps, poppers, eyelets, notions, tools (yep that is a hammer you see before you. A great stress buster!)….

I’m having fun just playing with ideas….

and learning how to mystery braid

The execution of this idea is a wee bit shoddy (eep! look at that wobbly edge!) and definately needs refining, but I’m really liking the basic concept….

Oh, and I’ve cracked open my sketch book, for a very good reason. I have a rather ambitious but exciting goal in mind, that I’m not quite ready to share yet. It involves an ambition that was thwarted back in my college days, but that I feel I am ready to revisit at this point in my life. Something that could completely change the course that I thought my life was on…

Do you have any long held ambitions that you haven’t yet achieved but would still like to try? Have you in fact achieved something that you would never have imagined a few years ago? I’d love to hear some of your stories.

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  1. Anonymous March 29, 2012

    The necklace is so cool. The leather-stone-metal combination looks so right together.
    Years ago I wanted to be a writer, among other things. That plan was crushed by an evil force in my life then – but I’ve grown to be very creative and unafraid to try anything that can be created with my hands. Someday I’ll try writing again – when I find time between knitting, spinning, sewing, and the other things that keep my juices flowing!


  2. Mommy en France March 29, 2012

    Oh, I hear you on mourning the departure of naptime. It’s hard. I think you’re doing pretty great, all things considered. After all, fewer/no naps, but you’ve revamped your blog, have projects on the hop, edit at Refashion Co-op and are teasing us with the mystery activity. Go you! My longer term ambition is to get much, much, much better at sewing and knitting, even take some proper courses. But at present I have a day job that’s pretty full on and two little ones, so for now it’s all experimenting and fast fashion (albeit me-made fast fashion). The rest will have to come with time. And I used to write a lot, most fiction, but haven’t done that since my student years. Maybe some day…

  3. Brittany_Va-VoomVintage March 29, 2012

    Oh, goodness! I know -exactly- how you feel. I have a 2 1/2 year old and an 11 month old. It’s amazing that I find time to do anything these days. Knitting and crochet has saved my sanity because I can pick it up and put it down with ease. One thing I do is cut out my patterns during the weekend when hubs is home and sew a little bit in the evenings, after he gets home. My son still naps so while he’s napping, my daughter and I have craft time together. She paints, colors, cuts paper, plays with play-doh on her little table while I sew on the dining room table. I do hand-sewing projects on the patio while she plays with her chalk, bubbles or swing. It will get easier when they get older…or so I’m told! 😛 x

  4. A.J.A. March 30, 2012

    The fish belt is very cute! That’s rough about nap time. Arabel has never napped consistently. I keep my sewing space in the living room so I can get a little time in while she plays independently. Mostly though, she just moves my stuff around and puts stickers on my chair! On the bright side, since he’s getting bigger, soon you can get him his own machine and teach him to finish parts you don’t want to do…. does that violate child labor laws? It’s what I’m planning….. ;P


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