Embroidered Jam Pot Covers….

Back in the Autumn I made a couple of varieties of chutney as Christmas gifts. Spiced Marrow Chutney and a Tangy Beetroot Chutney using a combination of recipe ideas from this brilliant site. They’ve been “maturing” since October so should be perfect for the Christmas table by now. The only thing left to do was make them look all Christmassy and add a little personal touch to them; so I opted for some hand emroidered jam pot covers tied with grosgrain ribbon….(I actually had about 12 jars in total but some had already been gifted before I had a chance to take these photos!)

I got all OCD on getting the right size circle for my covers. Just didn’t like the idea of cutting a square and trimming it to size once in place. I just KNEW I would screw it up that way. So if anyone else is as mildly obsessive about these things as me here’s my method…

I had several sizes of jar so just repeated the process for each different size. Firstly draw round the the lid of the jar on a sheet of paper…

Then find the centre point of the circle by folding it in half lengthwise then across the width. It’s actually the circle itself that needs to be folded in half so I held the paper up to the light as I was folding so as to see through it and line the edges of the circle up as I was folding…

Measure the diameter of the circle, let’s say this one was 3″. Then mark a point the exact same distance, 3″, from the centre point, extending out beyond your original circle, on each of the four fold lines…

Then find a plate/bowl/object (or use a compass if you want to be super precise!) and use it to draw a circle that encompasses these four points equally(ish)…

Et voila…Cut out your template(s)….

Because I planned to emroider my covers I cut out heavy weight iron on interfacing the exact same size as my jar lids….

And some squares of fabric slightly larger than my templates…..

Place fabric square RS down on the ironing board. Centre the interfacing sticky side down on top of the fabric and press to adhere. Then pin the template on top of this making sure the centre circle of the template lines up with the circle of interfacing….

Cut around the template with pinking shears…

It should look like this…

I then embroidered snowflakes on each cover with embroidery floss. These are a combination of French Knots, Lazy Daisy Stitch, and Back Stitch and took about 15 mins each to do so great as a last minute personal touch…

Secure the covers to the jar tops with elastic bands then tie with ribbon……

There are so many ideas out there for “Gifts in a Jar” and these would add a nice finishing touch to anything in a jar. Not just chutneys  🙂

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  1. Vintage Girl December 20, 2011

    These look so sweet, what a great gift, so pretty

  2. Marie December 20, 2011

    These are amazing Portia, what a great idea! Something I’d love to look into for next year!

  3. Thrift Shopper for Peace December 21, 2011

    these are so beautiful. i haven’t embroidered in years but this makes me want to do it again – lovely!

  4. Suzie December 23, 2011

    These are so lovely! The embroidery is beautiful.

  5. House of Pinheiro January 15, 2012



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