Restyle # 22 – Straight Leg to Cigarette Pants

More restyling today. I’m on a roll 😉 I thrifted these “jeans” for £2. Brand new. Never been worn. The fabric is a lovely soft stretch twill and I loved the powdery blue colour. I didn’t however like the shape and length in the lower leg. (Left pic) They were semi bootcut and the kind of length that doesn’t reach quite the right point of your shoes. Kind of flapping around my ankles like a flag at half mast!
So I put them on inside out and pinned out a rough idea of the shape I wanted them to be, (middle pic). I then marked out a smoother stitching line using the pins as a guide, and sewed the new seamline, blending it into the existing seam. Oh, and I shortened them by about 3″ (Right Pic)
The result was a shape more akin to the tapered cigarette pants that I am absolutely loving at the moment. (The curvy girls version of skinny jeans, lol!) Try as I might I couldn’t get a full length shot to show the shaping at the ankle/hem. For some reason the way I stand (or perhaps the camera angle) makes it look as if they’re really tight at the ankle. (They’re not at all) So here’s a side on close up too…

I suspect I’m going to get have already had alot of wear out of these and have a couple more pairs of trousers lined up for the same treatment. These were simple to do because the inseam and outer seams were standard straight seams and easy to blend in with a new stitching line. However, I haven’t quite worked out how to do this on jeans as they tend to have flat fell seams (usually on the inseam only) which would be nowhere near as straightforward to blend into a new seam without having to unpick the whole thing and even then….Hmmm! Thinking cap is on….any thoughts?

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  1. Tamsin September 21, 2011

    Hi Portia, your trousers look great!
    Some time ago (probably 2008 or 09)I went to a Creative Customising class at The Make Lounge in London. (I tried to find it on their website, but they don’t seem to be offering that course any more). The instructor there said to take trousers, particularly jeans, in at the outside seam so that you could keep the flat fell ‘jean’ seam and therefore more of the original look. And it would obv be easier to unpick too. hope that helps!

  2. Marie September 21, 2011

    Oh these are fab! I love the cigarette pant, but I don’t think it loves my shape back…so this could be a good compromise in future!

  3. Casey September 21, 2011

    Love these!!! 🙂 I’m hoping to find some time to make some cigarette pants, but if all else fails, I’ll have to hit the thrift shop and find a pair I can redo. 😉

    I agree with what Tamsin said about taking jeans in on the outside seam. Years ago I altered jeans that were straight-legs into something more fitted, and just took in the non-felled seam. It looks a little awkward, but looked fine once I put them on! 😉

  4. RahRah Repeats September 21, 2011

    These look great – I’m gonna do it!

  5. Miss P September 23, 2011

    Hey Tamsin! Yeah, I thought about just doing the oneseam but was worried the effect would be unbalanced if I only took it in from one side. did your tutor mention anything about that?

    Thanks Marie, yeah, I’ve finally accepted that much as I love a skinny jean,skinny jeans don’t love me! Can’t be doing with builders bum every time I bend down to pick up Elliott’s little toy explosions!

    Hello Casey, definitely quicker than making your own (and cheaper too). I think this took me just over an hour once I’d worked out what I was doing. (Another pair later today when Elliott has his nap hopefully!)

    Rah Rah, hello! I’d love to see them!


  6. Mandi @ make it dear September 26, 2011

    ooo io love, the taper, the ankle! good job 🙂


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