Rainy Days and (Bank Holiday) Mondays….

Allegedly the “Tillage” (not quite a town not quite a village IMO) where I live is having a Regatta style week this week. Short of a few strands of bunting, a banner and some charity tombola stalls, there wasn’t much of an event in evidence when we took a wander along the waterfront today. However we did get a total drenching whilst sheltering under a 4″ wide overhang during a sudden torrential downpour….which was nice…(?)
So we headed back home. Half an hour later it was blazing sunshine outside. But do you think we noticed? Nope we were too absorbed in this….

A vintage puzzle circa 1950’s that I’ve had in the cupboard for about a year…cute huh?
Notice anything wrong with this picture?

Ha, ha!! Yep. 2 hours of painstaking concentration later, and we discovered that there are only 499 pieces to this 500 piece jigsaw.

Still, if I make it to 60 with every single piece of me intact, I shall be a happy gal! Anyway, it was kind of fitting for a UK bank holiday, lol!
Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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  1. Marie August 29, 2011

    Hehe, I love this! As you say, one piece missing isn’t bad at all for its grand old age! I’ve been doing and bit of this and a bit of that really this long weekend! Pretty relaxing really ;o)

  2. Annabelle August 30, 2011

    Ha, I remember when I was younger and used to work on puzzles with my sisters. On more than one occasion my cousin would steel one piece without letting us know. We would spend hours looking for the “blue piece with a tiny bit of white” or whatever it was. I’m glad you enjoyed your day.

  3. Sarah August 30, 2011

    Great post P 🙂 Love the vintage jigsaw, and yeah, I guess its age, style and condition make up for it being a little short.. lol

  4. A.J.A. August 30, 2011

    That’s a great puzzle! The same thing happened to us the last time I put a puzzle together with my sisters, but ours wasn’t that old….2 hours is pretty impressive!


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