Babies, everywhere!

I am in danger of getting broody. My cousin has just had a little boy, and so has a college friend of mine. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at a little patchwork quilt for some time, so why not two?!  I’m keeping it simple and not getting ahead of myself. Simple squares and then I’m planning on quilting along the seamlines once the patchwork portion is sewn up…..

Basically, both quilts will be in the same colourway, lightweight, and crib sized so they can be used as coverlets or play/changing mats on the floor.  I think the colours work nicely for a boy. I’m never very confident about my ability so choose colour combos, but I’m quite happy with this. I think it looks cute. Nice simple layout too. Although I might yet add a little applique motif and/or embroidery detail either to the front or the backing to personalise each one….

For my college friend, each of us in the class is going to sew a piece of the patchwork section, so that we’ve all put a little something personal into our gift to her. So I’ve bagged them all up in order and labelled them. (That’s a bit obsessive, right?!)

I get asked the “are you going to have any more” question alot with regard to babies. My answer is pretty much the same every time. “Never say never, but I doubt it very much”.  Elliott is enough for me to handle! Having said that, there’s a weird thing going on at the moment. I remember all the midwives when I had Elliott, and I swore I would NEVER go through that again. They all said the same thing with a knowing smile “OK, see you in a couple of years then” followed by a nudge and a wink to their colleague. It’s like some weird internal timer. Elliott is 2 1/2 now, and yes, I can feel myself getting broody! Those midwives have some spooky insight thing going on.
All these beautiful babies popping out all over the place (please excuse the unfortunate turn of phrase), just isn’t helping! Please stop it ladies!

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  1. Yelena's Nest June 3, 2011

    I like the colors! And I love that you and your class mates are working on the blanket together… That is very sweet 🙂

  2. Jane June 3, 2011

    Oh they’re going to be gorgeous little quilts Portia, I love the design – all my faves at once (polka dots, stripes and gingham!). I’ve been there re the 2nd baby question and yes, I started getting clucky when my first was about two as well. The second was DEFINITELY my last though! x

  3. Sarah June 3, 2011

    Woohoo! Glad you’re doin some quilting 🙂 Looks like they’re going to be lovely.

  4. didyoumakethat June 3, 2011

    So interesting to hear about the two year mark. Don’t worry, I won’t be suddenly announcing I’m preggers!

  5. A.J.A. June 4, 2011

    The quilts will be lovely! I love the colors you chose too- unexpected and not the same old thing. That’s so funny, isn’t it? I am the same. I can’t say never, but Arabel is certainly more than a handful! I can’t imagine two! And I said the same thing to the midwives- NO WAY IN HELL was I ever going through that again, but the catch is that you can’t know with the first one how much joy they are going to bring into your life. My Grandma said the awful labor makes them that much more dear to you 🙂 But she had 6, so she’s crazy. My mom had 6 too, and she is crazy as well.

  6. Annabelle June 4, 2011

    Making baby things is so much fun. I made a quilt for my cousin’s baby in August – and picking out the fabric was a bit traumatic. You just never know how it will look once its all cut up and sewn together. (But I’ve rarely seen an ugly quilt). I think your color choice is perfect for a boy.

    No babies yet for me, but once I start I want a bunch 🙂

  7. Roobeedoo June 4, 2011

    Love the colourscheme!
    And um yes, that’s about the time I started thinking a second child might be a wonderful thing!

  8. Mommy en France June 4, 2011

    Oooh, do keep everyone posted on how the quilting goes. I’ve never attempted it, but there are quilters in my family and babies popping up all around me and I know one of these days I’m going to crack and give it a go. Quilting, not more babies, that is. LOL. Two little cabbages are enough for me, for now. But it is true that two or three years after each, you start to get those broody moments….


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