Restyle # 5 – Writing Bureau

I finished up a revamp recently that I started back in the summer….
Here she is now…

I tend to do alot of this type of thing in the summer when the weather is fine and dry and I can work on my projects out of doors. I already have half a dozen bits of “rescued furniture” waiting for a facelift as soon as the better weather arrives.  I got a tad obsessed with hand painting furniture last summer and am really looking forward to getting creative with an orbital sander and some paint again….;) (I plan on taking some step by step pictures too so I can post a couple of tutorials on this subject if anyone’s interested).

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  1. Sarah February 2, 2011

    Cool, i like it! I used to love to do that too, but am now in house with no room anywhere to move and man who loves “new” that needs NO WORK…

  2. Miss P February 2, 2011

    Yeah, J likes “new & modern” too (I mean really, how did I end up with him??!) but he’s slowly coming round! We compromise on our interiors. It’s a blend of both.

    ps, I meant to tell you Ref: annotating photos, check out

  3. rosie-alia February 2, 2011

    Ooh yes, I’d like a how to post! I currently am in the tiniest studio flat and own too much stuff for movement but I hope to be moving soon(ish) and just can’t wait for some serious redecorating! Xx

  4. Hayley February 2, 2011

    Yes please, a tutorial would be great, I’m going to do up my room soon on a budget so a tutorial on revamping furniture would be much appreciated. That bureau looks incredible, such a huge improvement =)

  5. Sarah February 2, 2011

    Ooo thanks Portia, i’ll be playing with that for my next post! Know what you mean about new & modern… Am getting my own way with the decorating cos I get it done! He likes things fine when they’re done and he hasnt had to do anything… lol Unfortuantely no room for any old bargain buys here furniture wise. Need a bigger house!

  6. sunnie fairy February 2, 2011

    Great job! It looks as good as new. 🙂

  7. Hearthandmade February 3, 2011

    this looks really fantastic!! im so impressed 🙂 I have a little picnic table id love to paint white but its bloody laminate! All the effort it would take sanding it would probably kill me… and it has horrible metal legs anyway. Im not sure what to do but im sure i will think of something!

  8. Jeanette February 3, 2011

    OMG! I’ve been looking for a wonderful little writing desk that closes up & hides my “messies”! This one is a beauty after you got a hold of it!

    Thanks for the comment on my Thrift Collective post! I’m gonna keep reading ur blog now….laters! 🙂

  9. Van February 4, 2011

    The results are so stunning! Love your new, dreamy writing desk.

  10. Van February 4, 2011

    Miss P: I looked and looked, but could not find your e-mail address! Can you please e-mail me at info at I have a couple of questions for you… 🙂

  11. dixie February 5, 2011

    gorgeous! I love how the white really makes the handles stand out.


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